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please help me find a handbag

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Eastpoint Thu 14-Mar-13 14:37:28

I just bought one from Zara, £22.99. It's black with cream handles, one on each side and also has a long strap for across the body. There is a zip across the middle of one side with cream zip pull. There are 2 pockets inside, one with a zip.

racingheart Fri 11-Jan-13 23:09:10

I want something big enough to keep purse, phone, kindle, water, make up bag in, but not one of those big shopper style things. Not too fussy but not too frumpy. (I have no idea what a frumpy handbag is but would probably get one without advice on here.)

And with short handles so I can hold it in my hand, not sling it over a shoulder which gives me backache. I have no idea where to look.

Budget is small (under £50 - loads under if possible but will pay up to that if it won't date within seconds.)

Thanks so much.

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