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Any other wavy girls doing curly girl/low poo routine?

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Wrigglebum Fri 11-Jan-13 21:52:30

Post dcs my hair has become dry and frizzy and all the usual deep conditioning in the world has not worked!

Since I have no time to blow dry and straighten I've actually discovered my hair is rather wavy/curly (though straight in parts) so thought I might try an adapted curly girl routine to see if a bit of a detox will make it healthy again! More shine and less frizz please!

I did a clarifying shampoo two days ago and since then no silicones have touched my hair. Did my first co-wash today and I was surprised how clean my hair actually felt after. My chronically itchy scalp felt no better or worse than after a regular shampoo (nothing has ever fixed it other than some stuff from doctor). My hair does seem a bit less frizzy already.

Has anyone else with wavy hair actually done a curly girl routine? Does it work well? How often do you use shampoo and how do you know when it's time to shampoo?

I've been looking at the denman bristle brush and shower brush- any good?

PacificDogwood Wed 16-Jan-13 19:36:11

Well, a MNer got me to try henna, and now I've 'got' you grin.
Glad you like it.
I think you can use cassia on its own as a moisturiser, without colour IYSWIM.
The HennaBoy website has lots of information, but was a bit scary for a henna newbie like me...

I use Caca Brun and Caca Marron or mixtures of the two on my dark brown hair, I haven't got many greys, and they are isolated rather than clumps but they go bright coppery rather than dark. The Brun doesn't really change the colour of my hair, just gives it a bit more warmth and depth, the Marron makes it quite coppery, which I don't really like so much.

Mine is wavy/flyaway. I have been largely SLS/cone free for a couple of years and hair and scalp are in great condition, but any products at all that I put on make it lanky, if I don't use anything I get a lot of fluffyflyaway hair all over the surface. I tried coconut oil once and it didn't do much, might try it again. I have been impressed with Lush Jasmine and Henna mask, makes it feel really silky, but doesn't solve the flyaway problem.

Wrigglebum Wed 16-Jan-13 20:04:36

Would a bit of good old fashioned hairspray work to tame flyaways whiknows? Or are they full of silicones? Must check my elnett bottle as I sometimes use that on flyaways (pre doing this SLS/cone free thing) and it helps to weigh it all down a bit. I've found I can put a lot of coconut oil on my hair and it just soaks in, as long as it's sort of little and often (each morning and evening). I don't know how that will change as my hair gets (hopefully) healthier.

I looked at Hennaboy pacific, as I was wondering about making my own henna mix, but it's quite scary choosing your location and vintage for henna! Might try lush henna for a bit longer and maybe just order some cassia for conditioning. Would be good to make my own mix though as I think the cocoa butter in the lush mix makes it quite hard to rinse out (and clean out of the bath). But looks like it would be more expensive.

Wrigglebum Wed 16-Jan-13 20:16:56

Or rather whoknows smile. I guess though flyaway is better than a dry and frizzy which is my starting point! It sounds like we have similar hair, though I am more grey, as pre dying, endless silicones and heated hair abuse mine was soft, shiny, wavy but fluffy. Hence why the added weight of the silicones worked do well at first.

Hairspray does help a bit, I use Elnett occasionally but it does have silicones in. I also use L'Oreal Extraordinary oil for special occasions. It's the search for every day smoothness with volume that is eluding me!

The Lush henna is a pain to wash out, but to be honest, 20 mins under a nice warm shower is quite nice occasionally, it rinses out of the bath fairly easily too. I sometimes have to blewch the shower curtain afterwards though!

Unfortunately (for my hair) my NY resolution is to swim 3x a week, that is not going to help much.

I am now wondering when I can get into town to try Henna! glad the coconut oil is working, I find it useful for putting on the dry frazzled ends of my hair in the one spot that the GHD's seem to murder. it turns them from fried and crispy into hair again so I just rub a bit in every night before bed. they drink it up.

Wrigglebum Thu 17-Jan-13 19:42:57

Oooh, do it stepsaway! I'm so pleased I discovered it and don't think I'll dye with regular dye for the foreseeable future (though will have to see how quickly the grey advances and how it goes with the henna).

The roots of my hair are amazingly soft and shiny (even my roots were frizzy before) but I'm still super dry on the very ends. I'm hoping after a good cut it will start looking even healthier. That plus a ton of coconut oil! The co-washing seems to be working a treat too, I feel super clean after.

I think the Lush henna needs to be on the Mumsnet swears by email!

Yes, I seem to find myself recommending it at least once a month!

PacificDogwood Thu 17-Jan-13 22:23:27

I should be on Lush's payroll, I recommend them so often!

I find I need to apply henna every 8 weeks or so, but that's me being lazy - my roots are apparent before then, but I find wavy/chaotic hair hides it a bit longer. Or so I keep telling myself hmm.

I tend to wash it out just bending over the bathtub with the showerhead in my hand IYKWIM. I find that less messy, but hell for my back.

I've added coconut oil to my Amazon order tonight grin.

That's why I do it in the shower, I've got a bad back, plus at least the shower curtain stops me spraying the whole bathroom with it. I haven't done mine since mid Sept but it is so close to my natural colour that the roots don't show.

I'm always raving on here about Lush skincare stuff too, it's lovely.

Wrigglebum Mon 21-Jan-13 18:26:25

Well, if coconut oil was good for my hair, argan oil is amazing! I used it before but it didn't seem to work. Put about a teaspoon on all over last night and then washed with conditioner this morning and my hair feels like it did when I was a child! Really soft and silky. I am putting little bits on through the day as the ends dry out (about a ml at a time, rub it into my hair then run my hands through the ends and length). It's not getting oily as my hair seems to drink it up. I guess maybe silicone build up stopped it soaking in before?

It's 100% pure argan oil from Holland & Barrett, not one of the silicone full preparations (have you seen the ingredients for moroccan oil?! Argan oil is very low on the list below a ton of silicone). I'd highly recommend it to the rest of you if you've got dry ends.

I've got a bottle of that Argan oil, I use it on my face. I have tried using it on dry hair but it made it lanky, never thought of using it as a mask <adds> it to list of things to try.

I managed to achieve silky smoothness yesterday, I henna'd my hair, then washed and conditioned it and absent mindedly got out of the shower without rinsing it, I was dressed by the time I realised and needed to go out, so I tied it all back, stuck a hat on and went out, rinsed it when I got back a couple of hours later and wow! Smooth as silk. Starting to get a bit fluffy again today though.

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