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Bra fanatics, another question for you!

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treaclesoda Wed 09-Jan-13 11:15:15

I think I have found my kindred spirits on this board, as I too am fanatical about wearing a correctly fitting bra etc.

But it got me thinking. I'm about 32GG usually, and a decent bra tends to be expensive. If you're a curvy lady, so in need of proper support, how long do you find that your bras last for?

I handwash (although every once in a while if the white is starting to look grey, I must admit that I do throw it in the machine with the fasteners fastened and in a mesh bag blush). I have loads of bras, some of which I have had for years, and I know in my heart that they are wrecked and don't give the support any more. Yet they were expensive so it feels really extravagant to throw them out after six months and start again.

treaclesoda Wed 09-Jan-13 11:16:04

Although when I say I've had them for years, I'm really talking about the ones that I don't wear that often. An every day one will only do me for about a year maximum.

SorrelForbes Wed 09-Jan-13 11:24:00

I replaced nearly all my bras this summer so most are still going strong. My Curvy Kate ones have definitely stretched and one of my R&Ps is beginning to look a little tatty around the edges. Support wise, they all seem Ok thankfully.

I alternate between hand washing and putting them through a very gentle cycle in a mesh bag.

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