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Tan ankle boots with chunky zip

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SilverSixpence Tue 08-Jan-13 16:11:50

I liked these boots in Office but was wondering if anyone has seen something similar preferably in leather?


freerangeeggs Tue 08-Jan-13 18:11:43

I have those in black. They're super comfy and I've worn them to death.

How about these ones from Topshop?

freerangeeggs Tue 08-Jan-13 18:13:12

I just noticed they're only £45. Might pick up a pair myself

SilverSixpence Tue 08-Jan-13 22:10:39

oh thanks, they look nice so will give them a try. I might try on the Office ones too as I couldnt really tell they weren't leather and the colour is lovely.

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