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Any fans of Brastop bras out there, especially Curvy Kate/Flirtelle/Kris Line? Come and talk to me!

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BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 22:34:23

I want to talk to anyone who owns or has tried on some of the bras from Brastop and can be bothered to chat, basically. I know there are some bra obsessives out there, so here's hoping. grin

Any Curvy Kate/Flirtelle/Kris Line fans out there?

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 22:36:36

Here I am grin.

I own a couple of Curvy Kate's (both ordered from Brastop). I don't have any Flirtelles or Kris Line bras unfortuantely.

I'm a fan of Fauve (also ordered from Brastop).

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 22:40:47

Oh Sorrel, I think it was you who PM-ed me about bras a wee while back!

Which CKs do you have?

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 22:43:43

I have a Curvy Kate Showgirl Thrill Me and a Curvy Kate Showgirl Tease Me, both in my usual size of a 30G.

I tried a Curvy Kate Wild Bra in Bravissimo last week in a 30G. It was indecent!

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 22:48:51

Damn, I have both of those already. Although I'm amazed that you could wear your usual size - I bought my usual in the Thrill Me and am always spilling out of it, and I had to go up TWO cup sizes in the Tease Me!

Do any of your Fauve bras give you even remotely similar uplift? Or indeed any other bras you've tried?

What was the shape of the Wild Bra like?! Intrigued!

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 22:53:08

Just been looking at the Wild - it looks a bit like the Freya Deco, which I own but actually don't like very much. I find it pushes them together, but not upwards. Is the Wild the same kind of thing?

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:02:24

Yep the Wild is very much a plunge, push together type shape. I didn't seem to be too big for the cups, I just felt incredibly uncovered!

I've found that my CKs have really stretched since I bought them. I suspect that if I even put on half a stone, I'll need to go up a cup but at the moment they're just about ok.

My Fauve bras (Lucia and Maya half cups) give a very similar uplifted shape. The best bra I found so far for uplift though is my Ewa Michalak CH Karmelki. The shape is absolutely amazing, very rounded and 'up'. Possibly too much uplift for some but I'm short waisted so need them hoisted up as far as they'll go! I went up a band size in this bra as I found the 30 too tight.


I have Fauve, Kris Line and Curvy Kates

The WIld (which I don't have) is I believe the same as the Tempt Me. WWhich means you need to go up - probably 2 cup sizes. I went up 1 and it's not quite enough. The "tempt me" is a together and up kind of bra, but it does give major cleavage. I would only ever wear it with a v-neck or plunging top. I also have the Tease Me, which I would say runs closer to true than the Tempt me.

Kris Line - runs small (especially in the back) BUT the uplift is like nothing else. My across bust measurement in the Kris Line (an unpadded one!) is the same as I get if I bend forward and let my boobs hang at a 90 degree angle. It's that good.

Fauve are lovely - more expensive but beautiful quality. I think they run a bit big in the cup compared to Freya, and definitely compared to CK.

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:03:50

Sorry, meant to say that I own a Deco plunge and rarely wear it as I find I gape at the top and it's just not very comfortable. My sister was fitted with one (28F) in Bravissimo last week and is taking it back as she found it excruiating to wear.

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 23:23:43

OK, I am very interested by this talk of bras with incredible uplift. grin

Sorrel, could you tell me about the Karmelki - so you went up a back size, you say. What other bras is the cup size and shape most comparable to, would you say? Did you get a 32G in the end?

Statistically, I am suddenly much more interested in the Tempt Me now that you are saying it pushes them up, not just together - I had given up on plunge bras as leaving me flat on top and falling out at the bottom! Which Kris Line bras do you have? My problem with both KL and Fauve is that they only start at a 30 back - but did you have to go up a back size in KL, then?

Thanks so much for this, by the way - I have two choices: surgery or continuing the weary hunt for perfect bras, so the help is truly appreciated.

I didn't go up a back size in my KL but I can actually fit in to a 28 in a lot of brands (in fact discovered I had been accidentally wearing an old 28 the other day - same one in 2 sizes!) and my 30 KL is tight, so I would definitely give it a try.

The Curvy Kate plunges do definitely lift me too, but I don't wear plunges as a day to day really because falling forward can be a bit of an issue. Which is fine in a plunging neck top as it doesn't really show, but a disaster at work in a normal top! Have you tried the Bravissimo Satine - it's a bit of a safer plunge and it's not a single piece moulded so it fits better.

Oh, I have this kris line - doesn't look much but I do have awesome boobs in it

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:39:54

Yes I tried a 65G but it was too tight so bought a 70G (32). Interestingly I tried another if their bras (Biskopty CH) but found it too big in a 32 back (it was also too big in the cup).

The Karmelki is fairly similar in shape to the Ck Thrill me and the Fauve Maya but gives way more 'up and outage'! The Biszkopty analog A&E an an amazing shape too so may have another go at finding my size in that one. EW has now started a new range called CHP which I'm planning to try soon. The Bratki CHP and Mak CHP look promising. They're so reasonably priced too!

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 23:40:07

Ah, good. Do you know what the name of your Kris Line bra(s) is?? Or could you link to it? I have visions of am praying for discovering a whole new world of uplift!

I haven't tried the Satine.... I have been going for more of a balconette or half-cup style recently after getting fed up with plunges. I did buy a (non-returnable, argh) CK Elegance as the pictures on brastop looked so good - but it was awful; it squashed them down and in, so that even if my usual cup size had fitted, which it definitely didn't, it would still have looked atrocious. Maybe I should try a couple in-store at Bravissimo, though, with no hassle about returns etc.

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 23:41:21

Sorry, that was for Statistically.

Sorrel, thanks! I'll have a look - just wish it wasn't such a hassle ordering from Poland, esp when some of them are non-returnable! Please, please come back and review when you try some more!

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:42:22

I have no idea what happened up there!

Should have said 'The Biszkopty gives an amazing shape'

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:43:39

I will! Do you post on Bratabse?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 07-Jan-13 23:46:48

Ugh maybe Curvy Kate are better if you are slim with big boobs then? I wear either a 36 or 34 back - and this is my actual measurement rather than the M&S version!
I have one Curvy Kate which seemed fab when I first had it, but now gives my boobs an odd shape, and not much uplift.
I tried ordering a few different sizes and going up a cup because the one I had seemed a bit tight, but then the larger cup was suddenly VAST and rested too far down my torso (I am pretty short which could be the problem).

I need to go to a shop, don't I? <sigh>

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:49:32

Yes, probably worth a trip to a good fitter! At the risk of sounding like I'm on commission, have a look at the EW bras.

I don't like any of the unpadded Curvy Kate bras - I bought a load in a variety of sizes and they all went back. Their Showgirl Range is quite good though.

(and I'm not slim - a very flabby size 14 but strangely narrow backed!)

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 07-Jan-13 23:52:20

Ah ok - I never try any padded ones. I always feel that at 36GG/H there is sufficient without padding! Perhaps I should try one.

Sorrell - what is EW?

SorrelForbes Mon 07-Jan-13 23:57:08

Ewa Michalak.

I don't like any of the CK unpadded bras either. Their Emily bra was very disappointing.

BandersnatchCummerbund Mon 07-Jan-13 23:59:41

I don't, Sorrel, no - in fact, I hadn't looked at that site before. Looks useful. I do use reviews, but it's so much easier to be able to talk about them - the problem with reviews is that you can never tell what the other person's shape or indeed taste is like - so much more useful to be able to say "yes the shape is exactly like the CK Thrill Me" or whatever!

Loving the look of Fauve and KL - just been having a browse, and I would love to try the Lucia. Would you believe, though, there are no KL 30Gs on brastop, and only one Fauve?! Of all the bloody luck. I suppose I can keep checking.

Ali, which CK did you have? I like padding, not because I want to look bigger but because I want to be pushed up, and unpadded bras can't really do that. Showgirl is pretty good, but there are some problems - the bands are very stretchy, which is particularly annoying when you can't go down a size; some (esp the Tease Me) let you jiggle about a lot, and the Thrill Me is so padded that it does make them look rather enormous. <fussy> They are a great addition to my wardrobe, though - I'm wearing one now!

BandersnatchCummerbund Tue 08-Jan-13 00:01:29

Yeah, the Emily is so pretty that I do have it and like it - but the shape really isn't great. I can't believe that the girl on investinyourchest said it gave great uplift - her breasts must be sky-high on their own! That's what I mean about reviews being hard to tell from.

try leia for Fauve - they have some great deals sometimes. I have the Lucia, but in the balcony. it's lush.

I didn't get on with the Thrill Me - only because of the detailing at the top which showed through all my clothes. I don't find the Tease Me looks particularly padded - it more just gives me a lovely shape. I suspect the degree of jiggle depends on how full your boobs are on top - if you have a more rounded shape it may be more obvious.

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