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How to stay reasonably stylish while working from home

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mumtorobbie Mon 07-Jan-13 15:43:05

I've been working from home the last few weeks and don't want to fall into the wearing sweats and t-shirts all day.

I used to love dressing up for work (really into vintage dresses, jeans & blouses with ballet flats etc) and until I go back into full time work outside the home I'd like to look half decent, more for myself than anything else.

Any ideas what I can wear at home that's comfy but not slobby? Got a couple of breton type tops which I wear with jeans so that's a start.

Also started shred, glycolic peels at home and DIY manicures to help me feel good about myself but any tips are welcome!

Curtsey Wed 09-Jan-13 10:44:12

Dona, I just googled the Now Habit. Wow, very insightful and helpful! It's interesting to note the main reasons why we proscrastinate (all rang a bell with me) and also the fact that it's not that procrastinators don't care: it's that we care too much.


Now enough procrastinating from me - back to work!

DonaAna Wed 09-Jan-13 13:00:18

Yep Curtsey: the book is very good (overlook the American management speak and the sports metaphors - it's not a literary masterpiece).The traditional anti-procrastination approach means you try to be very strict, make long lists, punish yourself, push and prod yourself into doing things you really don't want etc etc - this can work in the beginning but it makes whatever you are procrastinating even more painful in the long run and can result in a complete paralysis.

I love the "Unschedule" approach because it made me realized how fully programmed my days were (home, children, job, everything else) and how few truly free moments there were in my day. It seemed that I was trying to get more of that unstructured leisure time by procrastinating, except that anyone who really procrastinates knows how unsatisfying that type of time is. I also made untenable assumptions about efficiency. At my regular workplace, nobody is 100% efficient - they have tea breaks twice a day, long lunches, chats with the office mates, late starts and early finishes. Somehow I was expecting to be 100% or 120% efficient. Wildly unrealistic.

I don't procrastinate because I'm lazy. I procrastinate because if I accomplish a lot, people will expect even more from me the next time. Procrastination is also tied up with my perfectionistic traits (which I hate) and fear of mistakes and criticism. And every success raises the bar and makes the risk of failure worse.

That's why the paradoxical approach works: if you schedule enough time for enjoyable activities and are gentler on yourself (in my case, limit working time and allow myself to spend time on things I enjoy, and why not add some nice clothes, makeup, jewellery and perfume into the mix too grin), there are incentives to work much more efficiently.

Sorry about the hijack - back to clothes please grin

Hopefully Wed 09-Jan-13 13:04:27

Dona an going to try that book too - I tend to procrastinate more when I've got lots on, so that really resonates.

Re clothes, I wear a lot of 'nice' loungewear (eg from Hush), sweater dresses and opaques with a wide belt, leggings and long layered tshirts or oversized knits, so I don't feel awful if I have to dash out or answer the door.

Curtsey Wed 09-Jan-13 13:15:54

Makes sooooooo much sense, Dona.

mumtorobbie Wed 09-Jan-13 13:36:51

I've just ordered a couple of pairs of thicker leggings from Topshop and will look out for some jersey tunics as they'd be perfect.

It's much easier in the summer because I have a few decent maxi dresses and t-shirt dresses but I really struggle in the winter.

I do like boyfriend jeans too as I find those comfortable so can pair them with some stripe tops.

Unfortunately, our outside office isn't finished yet (it's more a garden office than anything) so I'm working at the kitchen table but I realised yesterday I need an area that's a proper working environment as it feels a bit odd typing while the kettle's boiling! It's going to take some getting used to.

scripsi Wed 09-Jan-13 16:21:52

am reading the now habit on Kindle now and am going to highlight bits and force workaholic DH to take note when he gets home!

mumtorobbie ASOS is good for cheaper jersey tunics/dresses (I am very short so a lot of my dresses are really tunics), for some reason I feel as if I cannot wear my best clothes at home, it is as if I am somehow going to mess them up, so buying some nice but not expensive jersey or sweater dresses with the intention of wearing them for work at home seems to be the way forwards. Am wearing a necklace today which I don't usually do and that has made me feel a bit more professional.

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