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Gel Nail Removal

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middleagedspread Sun 06-Jan-13 13:55:50

Treated myself to the Opi version of Shellac nails for the 1st time at Christmas.
I've been really happy with the result but now it's removal time. The salon charges £10 for removal, unless you have it all reapplied.
I had a look on amazon at removal products but many seem to have poor reviews.
Question is ; self removal (been told must not pick off), if so which product? Or pay the cash & let the salon do it.
Thanks in advance.

onetiredmummy Sun 06-Jan-13 14:08:14

Never tried them myself but I've heard they are problematic to take off. Have a glance through this thread

before you decide smile

fatcuntroller Sun 06-Jan-13 14:11:40

I've taken shellac off with acetone...soak a bit of cotton wool and hold it on the nail for 5 mins (I wrap tin foil over the top to hold it on) then it scrapes off really easily.

Then apply lots of cuticle oil and hand cream.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 06-Jan-13 14:12:49

I soaked mine off with pure acetone but it did take ages

middleagedspread Sun 06-Jan-13 14:14:23

Thanks one tired, I didn't even consider the removal aspect when I had them done. Looks like I'll have to cough up.

ThedementedPenguin Sun 06-Jan-13 16:01:56

Yes you use acetone. However I get the gel paint applied and I just pick it off when I get sick of it. I've done this loads and its never damaged my nails. Sometimes I apply clear nail varnish but usually my nails are fine smile £10 is a bit steep considering they are quite dear to get done.

notapizzaeater Sun 06-Jan-13 16:04:57

I got a gel nail kit for Xmas - am taking them off tonight. The instructions on mine are buff nail varnish to take shine off - soak fingertips in acetone (95p bottle home bargains) or wrap in foil with cotton pads soaked to acetone- leave 10/15 mins, varnish should scrape off easily ....

middleagedspread Sun 06-Jan-13 17:10:50

Thanks everyone. I might try it myself then go to salon if I can't get it all off. Is acetone all the same?

ilovepowerhoop Sun 06-Jan-13 17:22:53

I got mine from home bargains - just says pure acetone on it (was with the nail polish removers)

middleagedspread Sun 06-Jan-13 18:08:49

Thanks all. Will report back.

jackstini Sun 06-Jan-13 18:10:03

Other tips to help:
Buff off all the shiny top layer first - but not down to your natural nail.
If you are going to file your nails/clip them down anyway, do this before removal too.
Both of these mean less time with acetone.

If you are using acetone in a bowl, warming it speeds up the process. (Put in a bowl of hot water & add a couple of drops of oil)
If using foil method, keep foils as tight as possible to keep heat in and acetone touching polish

You can scrape off any excess left with a cuticle stick or you can buy a version of the tool salons use here for £5
There's a good removal video on that site too

After use cuticle oil, or just plain olive oil to stop cuticles drying out.
(Unless you are reapplying straight away - then definitely no oil!)

People's nails have different levels of adhesion so if your polish really sticks hard, try using the primer next time you apply just around the edge of the nail

nowrinklesonamelon Sun 06-Jan-13 18:11:42

Pure acetone does it ok - - takes 5 - 8 mins soaking and then it scrapes off easily. I picked mine off once and took the top layer of my nail off!

valiumredhead Sun 06-Jan-13 20:58:46

I removed shellac very easily with normal nail varnish remover - soak pads of cw in remover and then wrap the top of the finger with foil and leave for 10 minutes - comes off really easily.

You are meant to use remover with accetone but mine was accetone free and still worked fine.

Easy peasy grin

middleagedspread Thu 10-Jan-13 21:10:51

Thanks all.
I eventually got it all off. Took 40 mins, soaking, cotton wool, foil & a kitchen knife!
Nails look very dry but I think they're recover with oil.

ILoveOnionRings Fri 11-Jan-13 22:08:20

Thanks for updating middle

Sat here looking at mine and whether to remove myself go back. Usually have the Shellac but went to a different place and they used Opi which looks really hard.

Tempted to have a go tomorrow night

valiumredhead Sat 12-Jan-13 11:11:08

Mine are very dry now, I won't be having any more fancy manicures - I'll stick to normal polish.

chocolateteabag Sat 12-Jan-13 15:46:11

You need acetone nail varnish to soak off gel nails, my local Boots sells this behind the counter hmm as it's really flammable
Wouldn't py £10 to have the salon do what will cost you £1 at home. Bu I have my own uv lamp and do my gel nails at home too

chocolateteabag Sat 12-Jan-13 15:47:22

You need to use an emery board first to roughen up the surface of the nail, then 10 mins akin and they should slide off

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