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Trying to get back to being me!

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lizzywig Sat 05-Jan-13 17:05:33

I used to dress so well, new clothes all the time, slim, pretty, in fashion, confident....i am now a lump! An unstylish lump. Most of my clothes don't fit and are so old, we're talking 3-4 years and from the likes of primark, zara and new look, so hardly long lasting quality!!

No more. I have stated with new socks, then pj's and bit by bit I'm getting somewhere. I bought a good quality winter coat, just about to get some durable winter boots and my mum even bought me a lovely leather bag. With the prospect of being made redundant i have bought today some interview clothes...ok so they're from M&S but i felt better. I could finally start to see some kind of wardrobe emerge...I spent £150 on clothes for me today, this is the most i have spent on me in one go in at least 5 years! I was just clearing out some of the tat when DH shouts up stairs "whats happened to your bag?".

14mo dd has attacked the beautiful leather bag and it is dead. I am having a lie down and DH is making me a tea! I am exhausted. How do you ladies do it, I'm finding the effort for all of this dwindling and feel like I've just taken a massive step back in my road to fashionsta!

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 05-Jan-13 21:08:26

I feel for you izzy. Keep going you can get yourself back xx

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