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Dip dye hair...

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MahnaMahna Sun 06-Jan-13 15:41:56

I have it, and have had it for two years. It is a gradual fade from dark brown to very blonde, but most people assume it's my own natural hair (although I can't figure out why they think that.)

I think the key is to make sure it's gradual. When I tie my hair up in a bun, the bun is blonde compared to the hair on my head, but it looks okay.

It's quite cool to be able to sometimes colour the blonde a funky colour too x

pictish Sat 05-Jan-13 10:27:17

I like it when the dip dying is blue or green or pink - looks fun and cool.

I don't like the blonde/brown dip dying look though.

HoneyDragon Sat 05-Jan-13 10:25:06

I do it. And love it. I was subtle. This week I went pink at the bottom grin do it!

Willowme Sat 05-Jan-13 10:20:39

I still love it. Got it done before christmas on mid length brown hair mine is very subtle though and not everyone notices.

If it's well done it can look great, I think the trick is getting the graduation right so it doesnt look like two Seperate block colours.

mamalovesmojitos Sat 05-Jan-13 09:21:06

I love it. It's been around for a while of course but I wouldn't let that put me off.

GoingtobeRuth Sat 05-Jan-13 09:06:01

I'm sorry, but I think this has had it's day, it also isn't very professional and I've always thought, no matter how well it was done, a bit cheap frankly.


LadySybilPussPolham Sat 05-Jan-13 09:03:57

Not keen. Mostly it looks like the wearer has been growing out a bad bleach job for several years!
If you went for a bold colour it would look better, but maybe not suitable for work?

peggyblackett Sat 05-Jan-13 08:28:47

I hate it I'm afraid <old fashioned>.

MrsWolowitz Sat 05-Jan-13 08:27:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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