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Any recommendations where to buy cheaper REN products & would you buy on eBay?

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californiastars Fri 04-Jan-13 22:29:57


I have just discovered REN Frankincense night cream and one of the REN day creams. I have bought them from house Of Fraser for more than I usually pay for moisturiser in a year! I have seen a seller of beauty products on eBay selling it for half the price I paid for it. Can it possibly for real or more likely fake somehow? Can anyone recommend anywhere that sells REN a bit cheaper or ever does any offers or anything? Thanks!

Cerealqueen Fri 04-Jan-13 23:55:26

Hmmm, I think its cheap for a reason, ie, not the real thing! You might find individuals selling REN after xmas as they received it as unwanted gifts envy?

Neals Yard frankincense cream is lovely btw.

Haven't tried eBay.

Usually get mine from the REN website.

If you sign up you get plenty of offfer emails. IIRC you can also nominate a fave product that gets 10% discount and you usually get at least two free samples per order.

The REN site isn't cheap but should be cheaper than HOF and the samples do come in handy.

They sometimes do REN facial offers I think.

Also prior to Xmas I got a free full size body wash (the one that won the awards) for over a 50 quid spend.

I use the night cream too smile . Just bought the glycolactic mask which is good too.

QuinnFabray Sat 05-Jan-13 09:19:20

I'd buy it on eBay if the seller's feedback was good.

californiastars Mon 07-Jan-13 22:51:42

Hi, thanks for all your ideas. I will look at the REN website and also read the feedback and decide which way to go. Thanks!

Phaedra11 Tue 08-Jan-13 12:08:54

I usually buy my REN from The Beauty Expert .They accept Tesco vouchers (which are worth double points) and send you emails with 20% codes if you haven't ordered for a while. You can't use the vouchers and discounts together though! And they don't quite have the full range though there is a good selection.

Phaedra11 Tue 08-Jan-13 12:15:24

Just had a closer look and can't see the Frankincense cream so my last message probably wasn't that helpful, sorry!

I use the hydrocalm day cream and clearcalm night cream which are great on my sensitive skin.

rubytutu Tue 08-Jan-13 12:18:54

I've sold a set of mini REN stuff on eBay, was amazed at how much interest there was, have also sold unopened decleor and elemis stuff which I knew would not use. I would consider something sealed in packaging but not sure otherwise.

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