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March wedding - help!

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travailtotravel Fri 04-Jan-13 21:50:17

I know we have a bit of time, but while there's still some sales left, I need to shop for an outfit for a mid March wedding (will it be hot? will it be cold?). It is also my 40th this year, so ideally it will do several events ...

Without your advice i am likely to end up in my trusty black shift. I suppose there are worse things, but think I should be able to do better even with the complication of my body, which is hard to contain attractively!

I am a 42F in the boob (anything between a 20 - 24 in tops) have a well constructed belly and bum area and am chunky of thigh (usually 22 or sometimes 24) Oh! and top of the arms - not great either. There's definately a michelin-womany effect when I sit down which needs to be accounted for. (my lucky, lucky DH bless him ... its partly for him I want to make the effort, he deserves a bit of a reminder about why I am the woman for him!)

Aside from reconstructive surgery - a bit beyond budget - I need to contain this lumpen mess into something approximating elegant, effortless and stylish.

I am prepared to splash some cash but not masses - say £100 for the main event and then can probably find some more for accessories particularly if they are useful for other outfits.

As for my usual style - knee length skirts, ill advised coloured tights which I love and flat knee boots with a top of some description; cover all trousers; fit flops; mum boots and mum jeans (comfort first!). I am dark hair, fair skin.

Please help.

Ps I love this - not sure how the arms would look (wear with bolero?) and would it make the bottom bit look a bit lumpy?

chocolateteabag Fri 04-Jan-13 23:25:02

I think the swing dress shape would work as you sound quite hourglass (?) to me, but may be this one in the mocha and polka dot would be more weddingy? You could wear a white or cream fake fur coat Like this one which would be a bit warmer than a bolero jacket?

If you got a net underskirt to make the bottom stick out it wouldn't look lumpy

Or how about this navy lace one? you could add a red or green belt to brighten it up for the wedding but it could then be worn to dinner etc?

Get some fake tan on and this could be lovely (or maybe just me)

this is a bit more casual but you could then wear it more afterwards?

chocolateteabag Fri 04-Jan-13 23:27:22

My favourite would be the navy lace one with a bright red patent belt and shoes. You could then have a red shawl too. Then could wear again with green or other coloured accessories?

travailtotravel Sat 05-Jan-13 13:44:52

thanks chocolate - there are some lovely ideas in there ... I am a bit hourglass but also look a bit pregant as carry my biscuits at the front.

Bit poorly today, so may be forced to lie on the couch and look at websites, tee hee.

tethersend Sat 05-Jan-13 22:41:30

I would go for a dress with sleeves. Something like this, this or this.

travailtotravel Sun 06-Jan-13 13:48:45

Thanks tethersend, i had no idea about either of those two sites. I love the last one ....

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