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Feel sooo ur attractive!

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Leigh89 Thu 03-Jan-13 16:19:07

Hi, I am 37 weeks pregnant and feel so unattractive also what makes it worse is I have a broken foot so have a cast on up to me knee. I want to feel and look good for when my husband comes home from work trip tomorrow night. I don't want friends Coming round making a fuss helping me get ready so can any of you give me any tips....... ??

Charliefox Thu 03-Jan-13 16:36:11

Do something you wouldn't normally. If you never wear nail polish, do a scarlet manicure. If you never normally wear make up, slap a bit on! Wear a heel, set your hair in rollers, false eyelashes, go for all the cliches! Perfume where you want to be kissed, high heels, naked under a bath robe. Or just be in bed waiting for him and send him a text as he walks in the door saying I'm upstairs waiting for you!

Charliefox Thu 03-Jan-13 16:36:45

Just realised high heels might be a push!

Leigh89 Thu 03-Jan-13 16:41:02

Haha I will try a high heel I just feel like coz of the cast I will jut look ridiculous! Also I won't be able to get up stairs with out he's help! There's no hope boo hoo! X

Charliefox Thu 03-Jan-13 16:53:19

Get a sworn to secrecy friend to help you upstairs and then make a sharp exit.

Charliefox Thu 03-Jan-13 16:54:05

There's a lot you can get away with in a very dimly lit bedroom!

Leigh89 Thu 03-Jan-13 17:34:34

Thank u! I will practice getting up those stairs! X

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