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My latest beauty buys - in case anyone's interested!

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IwantaPetFox Thu 03-Jan-13 15:47:23

I've been really impressed with a few things I've bought lately, so thought I'd share them here:

- Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara - my sceptical 70 yr old DF actually asked me whether I was wearing false eyelashes! He was shock <<< like this when I told him.

- GHD ceramic vented radial brush - makes your hair incredibly smooth and dries it really fast - didn't think a hairbrush could make so much difference.

- Body Shop Aloe Vera night cream - a few dabs on my flaky patches at night mean I don't get flaky winter face any more.

- Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish - gorgeous neutral palest pink, makes your nails look really clean, natural and groomed. I put off buying this for years as reviews say its really streaky - but it's actually not at all on me and gives really good coverage for a pale pink - opaque in two coats. Much better than Chanel Ballerina, which is a blobby, streaky mess.

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