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Anyone else despise skater dresses?

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ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 15:30:10

I mentioned this in another thread and felt inspired to start a new one!

I really fucking loathe the things. And what's worse, they are everywhere, it seems, and I feel hard pushed to find a different silhouette in any of the high street stores. I imagine they are cheap to knock up, usually made of the shittiest fabrics and sold for far more than they are worth. Interestingly you rarely see this style touted at higher end stores.

On a personal note, I can't tolerate the elasticated waists (which don't suit me at all), and regardless the size of your chest (I am 32A) they feel deeply unflattering in this area.

I once walked into Topshop with a male friend who laughed and pointed at a rack full of them and asked me when they had started to make kids clothes. When I told him they were aimed at teens and older he said 'How odd, they look like clothes for little girls).

I appreciate that some people may love them, so have no issue with that, it's just the garment itself which bugs me. I have always loved pear shapes and imagine these might look really nice with that particular body shape, but I still can't get on board with them at all.

And they are everywhere. I just want a little bit more choice when shopping, you know, for something that makes me look like an adult. Longer lengths might help, but I am sure these bastards prefer to save fabric, whilst bumping up the prices of shitty polyester skater dresses with dodgy zippers......if you are lucky they might offer you one that isn't sleeveless!

bamboostalks Thu 03-Jan-13 15:31:47

I'm still not clear what they exactly are? Can you link please. Also why are they called this?

ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 15:35:41

Like Torvil and Dean I think, that kind of 'skater'. But I'm not sure.

Here is a lovely example:

and another:

dizzy77 Thu 03-Jan-13 15:40:58

See, top half of that "inked" dress, the second one you link to is a great neckline for a limited bosom (and still my preferred one despite now being 32E). If that went down in a nice shift shape i would consider not sure about the colour though. But what is going on downstairs?

Beamur Thu 03-Jan-13 15:42:27

My 17 yr old DSD has one of these style dresses and looks amazing in it. She is however, a size 8 with decent boobs. She looks good in anything!

MurderOfGoths Thu 03-Jan-13 15:42:30

I like them and hate them all at the same time.

I like the silhouette and flattering on slim people with good legs.

But they are way too short, and I'm not slim nor do I have good legs.

I love that second link, but I'd look horrific in it!

Fairylea Thu 03-Jan-13 15:45:09

I started another thread about them on here today... I brought myself a couple from Asos but I'm really not sure if I'm just persuading myself they look nice because they're comfortable!

BunnyLebowski Thu 03-Jan-13 15:51:36

Thing is, skater dress encompasses a lot of different types of frock. Some awful and some great.

This and this are horrible and not for anyone over 19 and a size 8.

I have lots like this and they're fab and very flattering. I'm a curvy 12-14.

Also lovely

And this

This is beautiful if only for the flatter of chest.

As is this which I've kinda fallen in love with.

ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 15:57:06

I'm still trying to makes sense of why I dislike them so much, but I think it's the cut, how ubiquitous they are. Like there is so little choice when shopping.

I am slim with ok legs but I don't think they suit me, but that's kind of fine because I'm not drawn to them anyway and would naturally skip this style when browsing around. Obviously there will be people who love them and suit them, so this thread isn't supposed to be another tunicgate! Just a lighthearted 'support group' for those of us that are sick to death of them.

There's also my cynical take on manufacturers here too. Scrimping on fabric, quality, design, etc. Laziness.

ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 15:59:03

Bunny, that last link definitely is nice, but I would prefer the skirt part to flare a little less. I wonder if the overt girliness (twirl please!) is that thing which bothers me most.

MurderOfGoths Thu 03-Jan-13 15:59:11

Oh Bunny I think I love you for those links!

BadDog Thu 03-Jan-13 16:00:33

Yes. My cleaner wears them. Qed

NEVER look nice.

BunnyLebowski Thu 03-Jan-13 16:02:41

I agree with you on the ubiquity Toasted. As soon as any item becomes popular I go right off it.

Have no problem with the flared skirts though. Love that silhouette. 50's addict!

grin at MurderOfGoths.

BadDog Thu 03-Jan-13 16:02:51

This is the type I hate

ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 16:03:58

And the thing is, if you are of limited bosom the fabric might just hang there like a sack, whilst fitting well on waist, etc. To work it well with small norks you'd have to wear a super tight fitting one, so again the choices are limited.

ChristmasNamechangeBridezilla Thu 03-Jan-13 16:04:24

I'm a size 8 with an F cup chest and this kind of style really suits me.

Agree it isn't very sophisticated though and don't think I would get away with it much out of my 20s.

ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 16:05:31

Bunny, the 50's silhouette sure is lovely, but it ws never super mini length, was it? It still allowed you a certain degree of modesty. The shorter a flared skirt is, the more childlike it becomes, I think.

BadDog Thu 03-Jan-13 16:07:46

50s style all the time becomes a bit fancy dress though.

BunnyLebowski Thu 03-Jan-13 16:07:59

Absolutely. I could never wear the super short ones like *BadDog's link. Very TOWIE.

I only buy the ones like my first 'naice' linked one. Practically knee length on my 5'4 frame.

And it's not a style I would ever wear at night. Just the cute floral daytime ones.

BadDog Thu 03-Jan-13 16:09:02

Like the fatties who do bloody stripping and call it burlesque.


MurderOfGoths Thu 03-Jan-13 16:09:06

I'd love to wear 50s style all the time

ToastedTeacakes Thu 03-Jan-13 16:09:17

I do actually like this one because it brings out my inner beatnik, but I am still wary of the quality:

MurderOfGoths Thu 03-Jan-13 16:09:52

"Like the fatties who do bloody stripping and call it burlesque."

Ah, you're one of those..

Fillybuster Thu 03-Jan-13 16:11:00

Toasted, you make an exceptionally fine fact, I get caught out on a regular basis, as I often sometimes think these dresses look quite nice on the hangar, get into the changing rooms and.....quelle horreur! shock shock

I should have learnt by now....size 10/12 but with 32E bust and slim legs (but a bit thick around the middle after 3 dcs) and I look truly horrendous in them. And they are always, always shorter on than I think they will be.

My confusion stems from my adoration of the tea dress - similar shape, but somewhat longer.....which does work for me (subject to a square or v neck).....

bamboostalks Thu 03-Jan-13 16:11:42

I need To look around More, haven't seen anyone even wearing them. Looks like a teenage thing to me.

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