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Changing bag that isn't a changing bag

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butteroneverything Thu 03-Jan-13 12:04:03

I'm not sure that this is the best place to post this, but I was hoping someone on here might have some inspiration. I'm 32wks pregnant and looking for a bag to use when the baby's here. I can't stand all the floral/pink/cutesy/'yummy mummy'-type changing bags and am not sure whether the plainer ones (usually in the 'for dads' section which makes me cross, but that's a whole other story) are anything better than a glorified messenger bag.

So, I need a practical yet stylish bag to use as a changing bag, preferably in a plain colour (black, grey, navy, brown - I'm pretty dull!). To give you an idea of the kind of thing I like, here are two bags I own at the moment but don't want to wreck with dirty nappies (bought in sale or in USA so cheaper than here):
Marc by Marc Jacobs
And I've just seen this which I love (but suspect isn't practical):
Another MbMJ

Has anyone seen anything which fits the bill?

BelleJolie Thu 03-Jan-13 12:31:06

Try Storksak bags... I have one and love it! Not sure what styles they have currently though.

BelleJolie Thu 03-Jan-13 12:36:09

PlainoldWitchesTit Thu 03-Jan-13 12:37:01

I use a stylish skateboarder-y type rucksack which is quite slim and neat. Loads of pockets, washable and waterproof. I hate those changing bags too.

RubbishCrackerPuller Thu 03-Jan-13 12:42:30

Mia Tui - I have the Grace bag and love it!

Oldandcobwebby Thu 03-Jan-13 12:46:42

We use a Billingham 225 camera bag, bought used on eBay. It is roomy, looks fabulous, and can later be used either as a proper camera bag or it can be resold for what we paid for it. The more knocked around they are, the easier they are to sell!

AndFanjoWasHisNameO Thu 03-Jan-13 13:05:09

I have a storksak 'Elizabeth' and will only be parted from it at my death wink
I have had many changing bags but this just doesn't look like one at all.

Suburban Thu 03-Jan-13 15:01:38

I am planning on getting this. I have another Oushka bag that I have been using as a changing bag for 2+ years and it is still in Vg condition. I like that it has the possibility for hands free and the side pockets will be good for drinks. Shame it didn't go in the sale though.

herbaceous Thu 03-Jan-13 15:29:38

I always rather fancied a Sugarjack bag (on John Lewis's website, among others) but could never afford it, so just used a rucksack instead. Much easier to carry...

ALittleLemonTwist Thu 03-Jan-13 19:38:43

I love this.

MacaroniAndWalnut Thu 03-Jan-13 19:51:00

I use an old mulberry satchel. I'm not sure there is a need for an actual changing bag

CMOTDibbler Thu 03-Jan-13 19:55:23

I'd use one of the bags you have already - you won't wreck them with dirty nappies if you just bung anything possibly wet/dirty in ziplock bags. Bung a muslin in to lay on changing tables, and you are set.

I never used a changing bag as they really aren't me - cross body or rucsacks all the way

breatheslowly Thu 03-Jan-13 19:58:41

The pacapod bags are mostly bag and little space inside for stuff.

Cheerfulcharlie Thu 03-Jan-13 20:04:01

I have a storksak Elizabeth and think it's one of my best buys. I love it!

ceeveebee Thu 03-Jan-13 20:07:07

I have a pacapod logan in mocha, very plain

Its got enough room for stuff for my 14 mo twins - I can get 4 nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, handgel and 2 x changes of clothes in the nappy pod, and 2 beakers, yoghurts, snacks and spoons in the food pod, and room in the bag for a couple of bibs, plastic plates, small toys/books, and my purse, phone and keys

Salamanger Thu 03-Jan-13 20:13:10

I carried on using my usual bag with a drawstring bag about 6"x10" to carry change of clothes, wipes, nappies, nappy bags and a sachet of calpol and a muslin to change on. This usually fitted into the handbag although around weaning time was more of a squeeze. Didn't need bottles as bf.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Thu 03-Jan-13 21:09:47

practical and stylish

GuylianReindeer Thu 03-Jan-13 23:18:19

I bought one from here a few years ago, it still looks as good as new and quite often gets used now as an overnight bag.

SilverSixpence Fri 04-Jan-13 08:43:33

I was thinking of getting this as its big, leather and has an easy opening at the top. I'm planning to use washable nappies which are quite bulky so it's useful to have a larger bag. Last time I used an Oushka bag but it was quite heavy and then switched to an oilcloth tote from Paperchase which cost £3!

Prolificmincepiebreeder Fri 04-Jan-13 10:25:17

Are storksak's quite bulky? This is my concern. I do really want one though.

AndFanjoWasHisNameO Fri 04-Jan-13 11:13:42

Can only speak for storksak Elizabeth but no, no bulky at all, that's exactly what I was worried about too smile

Prolificmincepiebreeder Fri 04-Jan-13 11:15:21

I really want one! I have 3 DC under 3 I neeeeed one. DH may not agree!

Prolificmincepiebreeder Fri 04-Jan-13 11:15:50

Thanks fanjo I am very tempted.

Djembe Fri 04-Jan-13 11:20:10

I use a MBMJ Natasha as my changebag at the moment - as another poster said, a drawstring thin bag inside with a couple of nappies, a bag of wipes, a couple of nappy bags and a muslin. I fit a bottle in there too in an insulated bottlebag. Unless you particularly desire a huge changing bag, don't bother - you don't need one.

RayofSun Fri 04-Jan-13 19:01:55

Have you looked into They seem nice

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