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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

My new years resolution this year is to make more effort with my appearance. Who wants to join me?

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TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 12:30:00

I've never really worn make up, styled my hair or bothered with how I look. That was fine when I was young and fresh. Now I'm 34 (nearly 35) and I want to look good. I have just tried to curl my hair (and failed) and sorted out my make up, throwing out stuff that doesn't suit me.

Feelingood Fri 01-Feb-13 09:56:47

I haven't managed to be back on all week, tbh I've stayed away from my iPad full stop.

Wed - w/w have lost 3.5 lbs, wore grey wrap dress with pintuck pleating down from nipped in with belt, nude ish pink longline cardi, flouncy pink scarf draped, mid brown knee high boots. I had all make up done and ,et friend for coffee felt quite good.

Thurs - black skinnies black suede wedges with 3/4 berry fitted coat over the tops. I went to town to get grey cords, v tight, couldn't find any sad. But I got my top from mint velvet and some unexpected gorg ankle boots, Cuban heal, tan three buckles, leather m n s reduced to £39 of the moon.

I'm pretty skint now so no more purchases this month. I have got the beauty therapist booked for a back massage next Wednesday.

Diet going well (dreads summer if it does not go well) off to have a read of thread.

<waves morning> smile

TrampyPants Fri 01-Feb-13 09:31:17


twinklestar2 Fri 01-Feb-13 09:18:53

Didn't manage to get back on here last night but I had a lovely long bath and then slathered myself in body lotion.

Skin felt so lovely and soft this morning!

Today's outfit is a long sleeved purple dress from warehouse (£10 down from £38 in the sale!) with a black belt - never wear belts but it came with the dress and actually looks quite nice smile
Black opaques
My kurt Geiger shoes but going out later so will swap for my black knee highs
Black cardigan

I want to get out of wearing a cardigan every day but not sure what the alternative would be?

cjbk1 Fri 01-Feb-13 08:55:10

morning all; the washing and housework has reached crisis point so I'll be wearing 'leisure wear' in my defence I do do Pilates in them usually blush until iv done some washing then I'll be looking for a top to go with very comfy skinny black next jeans and boots to help at the school this pm x

issimma Fri 01-Feb-13 08:44:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GibbsGirl Thu 31-Jan-13 23:09:14

Have also been reading the whole thread and lurking and would love to join in. Have started a clear out of my wardrobe and am going to try everything on and it's not going back if it's tatty or doesnt fit. Am low carbing & feeling much better for it so want to look better too.
Looking for some jumper dresses, could anyone point me in the right direction please? Have tried some from wallis but they just looked shapeless on me.

TrampyPants Thu 31-Jan-13 22:36:28

Twinkle, of course. I'm at home tomorrow so will have a root around t'internet for you.

Muddling, I'm glad you refueling better, sorry about your plunder though. Shirt sounds nice, Grey is a fab colour.

I'll look for that thread in a min and start a new one tomorrow morning with links to those bargain sites (the clarins lippy from Xtras is awesome, lasts well, nice colours and softening without that jelly build up)

twinklestar2 Thu 31-Jan-13 22:03:48

PS Trampy seeing as you are so lovely at finding stuff, would you mind looking for some flat suede boots like the ones Duchess Kate wore when she was leaving the hospital after her morning sickness? Preferably without the £300 price tag!

twinklestar2 Thu 31-Jan-13 21:52:34

Thx for the welcome everyone! Am just about to have a bath and take my nail varnish off. Will plan tomorrow's outfit tonight and post what I'm wearing.

Loving a new thread for a new month, looking forward to seeing what everyone else is wearing/doing.

I know it's an old thread but there is one called how to be groomed I found it very useful. Maybe a link to that in the first post smile

Feeling a lot better now only managed to keep one bag and the jumper.
Bag is a brown satchel type for £5 and a grey mesh jumper for £10 the shoes were too big it seems my feet have shrunk sad and the other bag which I thought was a light tan colour in the catalogue similar to the other one turned out to be pink! So they have all been returned now.
Hopefully getting my haircut tomorrow looking at a cut similar to Alice from twilight on the breaking dawn poster.
Also I won my top on eBay it's a grey blouse which will look great with either trousers, jeans or pencil skirt

TrampyPants Thu 31-Jan-13 21:40:41

I was also thinking of starting a new thread for the new month..

TrampyPants Thu 31-Jan-13 21:08:53

Hello all!

Guy, they sound awesome! Ignore the fear. wink awful weather here too. Can you find a new jumperdress? Laredoute has some good ones.

Awks, poundland rocks for stuff like that!

Issi, shame about your manicure, have you thought about the gelish/shellac manicures? They last ages. And well done on the facial!

Muddling, oh no sad are you feeling any better? Score on the dh front though, awesome!

Jemima, oh you poor love. Good thinking on the magazines wink well done on the weight loss.

Twinkle, welcome! You're already doing so well. I'm impressed. Love that dress and shoes. Am eyeing them up in nude. IKWYM about falling by the wayside though. It sneaks upon you, doesn't it?

Princess, they sound, lovely. I do like the gwennie/jen an style, but it doesn't suit me.I'm definitely more Kate Moss grin

Engels, today's outfit sounds ace. And well done on breaking out of your comfort zone, I bet they're ace. I love that you considered accessories too. And fab on the facial. I have seche vite as a topcoat. I always use base too.

Wornout, hopeyou all feel better soon.

Ambassador, did anyone foxy come? It's ace that you have coordinated your sloppy clothes too.

I've just painted my nails gold and amwatching telly. Was thinking about the next thread, are there any links that we should put in the op?

GuyMartinsSideburns Thu 31-Jan-13 20:37:24

Engels - grin glad you wore your suede boots today! I shall do the same BUT can I wait for the rain to stop first?!

My stripey failsafe knitted dress is going to HAVE to be binned, its looking more and more tatty blush At least its done me well I guess...

Your turquoise skinnies sound fab, Id like a white pair shock and a real carrotty orange pair.

Id like to look nicer tomorrow morning, but really dont feel I have many options when walking in the rain, iyswim?

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 31-Jan-13 19:59:10

I think I'm going to wear jeans, cardi and scarf to the cinema tomorrow night, possibly with boots. It is forecast to be cold and wet and we will have to walk from the car park to the cinema, I'm not sure the dress would be practical. I will already be freezing from 2hrs standing in the cold and rain watching DS1 and DS2 playing hockey! No attempt will be made to be glam on the hockey sidelines either, I am just aiming for not catching hypothermia grin I will save the dress for another night in a couple of weeks when I am going out for a meal with the girls.

Steroids seem to be kicking in as I am breathing better now. Am going for an early night though with my magazine stack.

issimma Thu 31-Jan-13 18:45:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Thu 31-Jan-13 18:42:41

Afternoon ladies,
I hope all you sickly ones start to feel better soon: its hard enough in January with the bad weather, without feeling rough on top of that. I have found that a fizzy vitamin pill every am in a pint of water seems to have helped me to steer clear of some of the germs peddled by my children. Still feeling a bit snotty though sad.
Today, I had a run then worked from home so am in sloppy yoga trousers, a grey striped top and a thick knitted jacket thing, with my lovely new stripey slippers. Not too glam but at least roughly coordinating, and with clean hair and neat nails thanks to the teachings on this thread. Just in case anyone very foxy knocks on the door!
Hope you all have a good day tomorrow and keep up the good work - it is worth it.

wornoutbutstillwonderful Thu 31-Jan-13 16:45:46

Sorry that last post of mine sounds really garbled when I read it back.

wornoutbutstillwonderful Thu 31-Jan-13 16:43:31

A few of us unwell at min I see, I woke up this morning to two unwell Dc and myself a headache, cough and cold. Luckily Dh was home today and has been great running around after us all.
Welcome to the thread twinklestar love the dress you linked that is right up my street stylewise.
Hope your feeling better soon muddling jemima yay with the weightloss that sounds amazing.
So tomorrow I will go with todays outfit seen as I slobbed around in pjs today. Still only had half my time off work and I am trying to keep up with the healthy eating, I am going to weigh myself the morning I go back to work to see how much I have lost over 10 days of sensible eating.

Engelsemama Thu 31-Jan-13 16:24:30

You're infecting me with your ideas and enthusiasm for fashion ladies!

Today I wore:
grey jersey dress with 3/4 length sleeves and wrap over bsom bit (if that makes sense)
Long mid blue cardi
chunky glass pendant I bought on holiday a few years ago
brown suede knee highs that I have only worn a hand full of times because (like you guy) I didn't want to 'ruin' them
Plus blow dry AND contact lenses.

I got a few double tales at work because people didn't realise it was me (not because I'm stunningly beautiful blush )

And an even more worrying side effect of this thread is that I decided to leave school when I was finished teaching (marking will wait!) and go into town for an hour. Have just arrived home with a pair of turquoise skinnies (I have NEVER worn a pair of skinnies - always told myself they didn't suit), a new top and a skinny yellow belt to accessorise. DH was shock when he saw the colour of my trousers since I am never out of jeans and denim skirts.

Going for a run tonight and will have a lovely home facial when I get back smile

Wow jemima ! Well done on your weight loss - that is amazing.

issima my nails lasted one day until they were chipped to shit. I think top coat is the way to go for me. It's the one thing I can't be bothered with (and am so bad at doing my nails they alwasy look like a 5 year old has done them anyway). I have never had a manicure blush

Hope you're feeling better soon muddling

princessx Thu 31-Jan-13 16:23:49

Hey Remus- point taken about 'yummy mummy' it used to make me cringe too but now I've started using it with gay abandon!

I guess I'm really aiming to look rich and relaxed. I'm not really into indie or street cool. Dare I say I want to dress like gwyneth Paltrow rather than Kate moss!

Anyway just bought grey jeans and khaki jeans from good old primark to get me out of my black leggings, and smart soft grey ankle boots for when I take the kids into work to show them off. I'm going to buy some Breton style feeding tops from jojo maman bebe tonight too.

Still haven't done nails or hair, but going to get eyebrows done tomorrow.

twinklestar2 Thu 31-Jan-13 14:10:06

Hi everyone, can I please join?

I have finally finished reading the whole thread and have been inspired by you all!

A bit about me: 34-year-old former glamour puss that has fallen by the wayside! I was fab in my 20’s, 2 stone lighter, had more disposable income to buy clothes with and went out so much more than I do now so always made the effort. I used to match my nail varnishes and eye liner to my handbags shock

I want get back to feeling fabulous!

Since reading this thread I have:

Cut my hair from its lanky mess to a sleek bob
Had my eyebrows and upper lip waxed professionally
Sorted out my make up and put together a kit I can keep in my handbag so I can touch up my make up at work
Made sure I wear make up and put earrings in every day for work
Joined the gym again
Made sure I brush my teeth every night blush

I live in dresses, tights and shoes. So today I’m wearing:

this green dress
black opaques
black cardigan from Primark
these shoes
diamante studs

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 31-Jan-13 13:25:06

Video Conference sounds awful Always! I'm a nursery teacher and spend half my life trying to avoid getting in photographs with the children. There is an awful one of me at the Christmas Party with Santa that I am trying to "lose".

I am off work ill too today, have been to the doctors and got antibiotics and steroids for my horrible wheezy chest. Hopefully they will kick in quickly as I am really missing swimming and running sad However I have bought myself a stack of magazines and am putting my feet up on the sofa with them. All in the name of research you understand, as I am still trying to find a style.

Good news though - I have lost another 2lbs. 2lbs more and I will have lost 50 in total. Although the steroids aren't going to help that!

issimma Thu 31-Jan-13 12:33:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

i bought some veg sushi last night on my way home cause as I was hungry and thought I could shove it down my throat while cooking dinner, and have been in the bathroom from 6am this morning...

But on the good news front hubby just called me from a big matalan he went past on his work travels and said anything you want from the store grin

so i sent him some pictures of things from the catalogue, he has now text me to say he has got me a jumper, 2 bags and 2 pairs of shoes.

hopefully going to poundland this weekend so will look out for the nail polish Awks and will now peruse those websites trampy.

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