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My new years resolution this year is to make more effort with my appearance. Who wants to join me?

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TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 12:30:00

I've never really worn make up, styled my hair or bothered with how I look. That was fine when I was young and fresh. Now I'm 34 (nearly 35) and I want to look good. I have just tried to curl my hair (and failed) and sorted out my make up, throwing out stuff that doesn't suit me.

wewereherefirst Mon 31-Dec-12 06:47:09

My outfit for today will probably consist of blue super skinny jeans, black wrap top, boots and blue necklace as we're just mooching round the shops.

I really don't know what to do with my hair- it's bra strap length so fairly versatile, but I'm not imaginative at all with it.

CarpeJugulum Mon 31-Dec-12 06:49:45

MmeLindor - BB cream is a "new" thing. It sits between tinted moisturiser and full foundation in terms of coverage.

While tinted moistuiser is good for me in the summer when the sun is out and my skin is clearer due to the sun, in winter my skin looks a little dull and dead, and I'm more prone to spots. I find BB cream enough to even out skin imperfections, and hide spots, but it doesn't make my skin feel as "heavy" as it does with full foundation on. As Trampy said, it's moisturiser, serum, primer and foundation in one.

That said, I still use my own moisturiser just after I get out of the shower, and I do apply primer as well as I have greasy T-zone and otherwise everything would slide off.

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 07:59:44

I'm in! Just marking place to catch up later...

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Mon 31-Dec-12 08:06:21

Did my Tuplers again this morning. I'm worried my tummy is looking bigger rather than smaller.

Anyone else done them? I hope I'm doing them right.

We're travelling home today after Christmas with my parents, so might dress for comfort, despite my new resolution. blush

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 31-Dec-12 08:06:46

Yes please!

I'm back at work in March after maternity leave with DS2, and want to look half-decent by then. Want to:

1. Lose a stone by cutting down on chocolate and crap and exercising more. No time though - so walking or home exercise DVD? The Shred?

2. Sort out wardrobe, see what I can still wear and get a few capsule staples

3. Get hair cut and dye it regularly. It's long, thick and wavy, had a blunt fringe cut last year which I love, but last cut was a disaster (layers too short) so need to get it back on track.

Skin and make-up ok, but want to get my lashes tinted more regularly.

Good luck everyone!

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 31-Dec-12 08:10:25

Oh, outfit today probably Uniqlo skinny cords, loose grey T-shirt, blue sweatshirt, grey biker boots. Still in PJs now though... Need to negotiate shower with toddler and baby!

thoughtsbecomethings Mon 31-Dec-12 09:24:05

count me in, in desperate need of help!

DancesWithWoolEnPointe Mon 31-Dec-12 09:36:23

Morning brew - I shall join you all, although I've been lazy assed about my appearance for 37 years and imagine it will be a hard habit to break.

I need to work on my hair - its by far my best feature but i'm so lazy with it. At the moment it is really badly coloured, badly cut AND forever tied up in a knot in my neck. I am determined to put more effort into it.

I also need make the effort to wear foundation every day if for no other reason than that my skin is going to shit

Whenisitmysleepytime Mon 31-Dec-12 09:36:40

Today I am wearing indigo skinny jeans (not best fit but all my ibs bloated tummy will allow), grey and black stripe long sleeve Tshirt and a slouchy, short sleeve purple jumper.
I have also flossed and mouthwashed.

No make up as had to deal with a no2 accident from ds so got distracted and no hair product as have none! blush

Off out shopping to trendy city next to us - so will try and do make up and then buy some hair stuff while out.

Going to phone local secondary school (doubt theyll hve anyone in adult ed bit) to see if they're having another Pilates class in January.

DancesWithWoolEnPointe Mon 31-Dec-12 09:43:20

I am mooching around the house today as DDs are all unwell. So outfit-wise I shall still wear jeans (bootleg, don't start, they suit me) and a comfy jumper. I shall however dry my hair after I wash it and wear foundation. This is big for me

WoodRose Mon 31-Dec-12 10:03:18

Taking DC to the theatre today, so had intended to wear structured black Whistles dress, cropped cashmere cardigan, opaques and heeled boots. Unfortunately, the great British weather has other ideas, so it will be olive green skinnies tucked into my "posh" wellies, jumper, scarf and Barbour. Hair will be sodden and wind-swept. grin

Whoknowswhocares Mon 31-Dec-12 10:35:34

Well I've got jeans on again today, but at least they are my new ones which fit me. Day will be spent doing jobs and walking to shops in tragic weather so anything else doesn't really make sense! Will change later for family NYE 'do'. Possibly into a lovely jumper dress which I've never worn

Goals for today are to start small...... 5 fruit/veg, which I often don't manage
3 glasses of water, which I very rarely manage and pelvic floor and plank exercises, which I never manage!!grin
Will keep that up for a few days and then add some more

MrsPennyapple Mon 31-Dec-12 11:28:41

Me, me! I'll join! I've never been one to pay much attention to my appearance unless I was going out clubbing. Well, now those days are gone, so I rarely wear make up, and my clothes are chosen based on practicality and what's to hand. I grab a t-shirt and jeans, and then later I'm chilly so I grab a fleece, and I need to take the rubbish out so I put some trainers on, and then once I'm out and about I realise I'm wearing some ridiculous colour combination and my socks are showing.

I also had a mc in June and my hair still hasn't recovered, it's falling out in handfulls, and I have that beautiful halo effect of silly, fluffy new hairs. So yeah, I'm looking pretty hot right now. Not.

I did treat myself to some Clarins face gloop recently, as my skin is getting really dry patches, so I have at least made a start on some skin care.

I'm pg again now so new clothes are out, but I'm not showing yet, so could get some wear out of what I have. I don't have much that's decent to be fair, but there are some bits. I reckon a smidge of make up might be the key.

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 12:13:45

Hello all, just a quick check in, back later to do a proper post. Weather means skinnies, 3/4 sleeve jumper with ls tshirt under and biker boots. Hair is a state, but I am wearing make up. Mascara, lip gloss, blusher, the works. And dh told me I looked really nice. I need to drink more water.

MrsPennyapple Mon 31-Dec-12 12:27:25

Ok, just been reading back through the thread, and someone mentioned hula-hooping. DD was given a hula hoop last week, and I was stunned and appalled to find I can't do it any more! I thought it was the kind of skill you don't forget! I guess it must all be about flexibility, mine is diminishing and needs attention. I used to go to yoga but was never very good at it, it just seems so HARD! I would like to get back into it, but can't afford classes, and don't seem to find time to do it at home. Must work on that.

I'm also interested in this BB cream - I've never bothered with foundation, never needed it (blessed with clear skin) until recently.

MmeLindorNOTYET40 Mon 31-Dec-12 12:32:46

Thanks. Need to take a trip to Boots later to get some conditioner so will have a look for that.

I'm wearing normal scruffy jeans and tshirt till I've finished housework and prep for tonight, will change into something smarter later.

minimumthebare Mon 31-Dec-12 12:44:55

I'm in! Already working on keeping some beauty resolutions (and I've started a blog to make myself stick to it!) but clothes are a definite Problem Area, so I've chucked most of them out, and bought a few new bits and pieces. Today, I'm wearing proper make up, have blow dried my hair, used body oil after my shower and I'm wearing a new Breton stripe top (Boden sale blush) and jeans. Doesn't sound that revolutionary, but I've spent almost a year wearing giant jersey pregnancy tops even though DS is nearly 7 months and have received three compliments already!

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Mon 31-Dec-12 13:05:30

Argh Boots are having system issues and while they have my order in the shop, they can't hand it to me because they can't book it in or out!

JammySplodger Mon 31-Dec-12 13:10:10

I'm in too. We're going out to a kid-friendly new years party tonight so will see if I can make myself look presentable for that. Might even pop on a bit of nail varnish and make up too.

JammySplodger Mon 31-Dec-12 13:10:14

I'm in too. We're going out to a kid-friendly new years party tonight so will see if I can make myself look presentable for that. Might even pop on a bit of nail varnish and make up too.

salemsparklys Mon 31-Dec-12 13:12:38

I need to make an effort too, but with 2 horses, 3 children,15 mice,1 rat, 4 cats and 1 dog, plus live in the country all I do is stick joggers/hoody/trainers on and thats it. I am very good at buying the make up/hair dye, just never get round to using it as half the time I dont see the point.

redshoes Mon 31-Dec-12 13:23:03

Tramp, I've recently been diagnosed with PsA too. I also really need to join in this thread - just need a giant shove to stop wallowing! Are your meds having any effect?

CarpeJugulum Mon 31-Dec-12 13:58:17

Late check in from me due to work stuff. I'm officially on holiday, but they're already been on the phone 3 times! I sense a pay rise request coming on!

Anyway, I'm up, showered, legs (lower) shaved, a few stray eyebrow hairs plucked, hair done, moisturised all over and I have BB cream on with some blusher to make me look more alive. I've got on a clean pair of jeans and a fitted polo shirt as we're heading for the park later, so posh clothing is going to be a bad plan!

We're not doing anything for Hogmanay, so DS will be off to bed and DH & I will have a few glasses of something bubbly with nice nibbles and we'll catch up on Downton and I can give myself a manicure. See, I know how to live the high life! wink

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 14:13:30

I'm in. Had DC2 via csection 5 weeks ago, and the sleepless nights are taking their toll. I look grey!

My plan is to start exercising. This will probably be lots of double buggy pushing, but my new raincoat has arrived, so am up for that! And I'd like to go swimming weekly, once DS takes a bottle. I also plan to start Couch to 5K after my 6 week check.

Clothes are sorted. I have a very limited, capsule wardrobe (skinnies plus boots plus top plus scarf). A bit boring perhaps, but presentable and I'm reluctant to spend money until I'm at a happy weight/shape and no longer BF or getting covered in vom, poo or toddler snot far too regularly.

Make up - I often, but not always, use tinted moisturiser (I rate no 7), lipstick or rose vaseline and mascara. Need to do this more often, or just buy a brown paper bag.

Grooming - this is the disaster area! If I get my hair done, it looks nice for 12 hours, then back to scraggly ponytail. My nails are awful. Actually, everything is so have decided to do one task a night, e.g.
Sundays: home mani
Mondays: home pedi
Tues: tash and eyebrows
Weds: blackhead removal and face mask (Elemis papaya one is amazing, if a bit £££ for me).

etc. What grooming tasks am I missing? Maybe the other nights could be exercise? <groan>

Food - I'm skinny with a postnatal tummy and post-csection overhang. Attractive... Hope the exercise will work wonders, but we are also only eating meat twice a week - should also be good for a more frugal year. I need to stop mainlining junk food, but find I'm ridiculously hungry. Is this normal for BF-ing?

Right, off to read whole thread to get some more ideas.

sliceofcake Mon 31-Dec-12 15:17:58

I'm in too! Trying hard to step away from the 'comfy' clothes I've worn since having DD.
I went to John Lewis for a personal shopper appointment, and although I've heard mixed experiences on here, I found it brilliant. Lovely big private changing room, shoes to try on with outfits, water and dressing gown etc, and someone bringing you loads of outfits. I tried on stuff for work, and found a whole new style for myself for work, things I would actually have never picked but that suit me, and I look like myself but smarter if that makes sense. No obligation to buy, but I bought quite a lot.
I just need to do the same for out of work things, too easy to put on leggings, jeans at home.
Also need to do something about my evil dry old lady hands.

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