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anyone fancy going grey next year?

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notactuallyme Thu 20-Dec-12 18:55:36

so, i've been toying with this idea for ages (am nearly forty) but always end up dying it. i thnk i'm going to go for it - anyone want a support thread for intermittent updates?

babySophieRose Wed 20-Feb-13 00:08:42

Noooooooooo! Why should I? Hair dye is cheap, and you look better!

notactuallyme Wed 20-Feb-13 08:06:22

funny or dorien?
Think of all the women with dyed darker hair - does it really look good? Paler is much better.

auntpetunia Thu 21-Feb-13 22:49:17

Well my 11 year old DD told me today I have to get my hair sorted out. Apparently going grey is not an option it would make me look old like Daddy (he's 50), I'm 45 but my hair is so much darker than his ever was.

I am considering leaving it till end of March and then going short, currently below shoulder level but I have been very short in the past and it looks OK.

PessimisticMissPiggy Fri 22-Feb-13 13:22:33

FarSide oooooh you rebel! Do it.

Looking forward to a blog linky!

notactuallyme Fri 22-Feb-13 20:25:13

auntpetunia - I was checking out a load of women's hair today (new hobby) at work and one had amazingly lovely judi dench type short hair. If it works, it works.
My first post may well be about the most gorgeous looking grey haired lady that I interrogated blush - curls, funky fringe, cropped back - who looked fab. Also noticed a lot of oddly flat dyed hair. Noticing more when dye looks wrong.
Blog tba - sorted photos and may post a link under a name change shortly.

doglover Fri 22-Feb-13 20:56:29

I'm really, really struggling to keep the grey going at the moment. In my opinion, my hair looks drab. I feel drab. Drab. Sorry

notactuallyme Fri 22-Feb-13 21:21:18

Oh no! I might allow you highlights if you really can't cope....

doglover Fri 22-Feb-13 21:31:37

Thanks, NAM. I may have to succumb ................ sad

notactuallyme Fri 22-Feb-13 22:08:28

<Powercrazed> that's fine!

TheFarSide Fri 22-Feb-13 23:34:00

doglover weren't you trying to book yourself in with your hairdresser for a revamp? Anyway, as notactually says, highlights are allowed. Stay strong.

notactuallyme Sat 23-Feb-13 10:06:46

Haha, I love this 'what's allowed' we're like the weightwatchers point system for hair. <bossy>

rubyrubyruby Sat 23-Feb-13 10:39:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pirouette Sat 23-Feb-13 10:42:07

I can't get the link to work but Olga Polizzi (Alex's mum) is absolutely gorgeous and I want hair like hers.

doglover Sat 23-Feb-13 12:23:15

Yes, TFS, I was. Well-remembered! Unfortunately, she was ill and I've been ill so nothing could be arranged. Maybe next week if we're both well again!

TheFarSide Sat 23-Feb-13 14:27:55

Hmmmm Ruby ... I would like to propose that highlights are allowed but only on a temporary basis ie during the transition phase, as a way of merging regrowth. Once all the old hair dye has grown out, highlighting should be stopped immediately.

notactuallyme Sat 23-Feb-13 15:07:21

Ooooooh harsh! I just had a chat with another lovely grey lady who told me to go for it.

auntpetunia Sat 23-Feb-13 20:01:59

Oh TFS you are harsh! I'm giving mine another month then am going to see what amount of grey I have then decide whether to highlight or go pixie!

rubyrubyruby Sat 23-Feb-13 20:15:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFarSide Sat 23-Feb-13 20:38:24

I have to admit I've put in so many Wella highlights that I have actually turned myself blonde at the front. It's helping me (and my acquaintances) get used to myself with very light hair (it used to be brown).

rubyrubyruby Sat 23-Feb-13 20:40:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notactuallyme Sat 23-Feb-13 23:41:30

Erm tfs I think that may be against the rules...<Flicks to 'stealth blonde' in Grey Rule Book>
A bit like accidentally lowlighting my hair to a lovely brunette?
Am probably going pixie mid March - eeek. Was past shoulder length henna red last month!

auntpetunia Sun 24-Feb-13 08:20:55

Errr notactually did I read that right? You've gone brunette!!! What about all this girl power and going grey gracefully …<wandering off to double check rule book >

auntpetunia Sun 24-Feb-13 08:25:23

Errr notactually did I read that right? You've gone brunette!!! What about all this girl power and going grey gracefully …<wandering off to double check rule book >

practicality Sun 24-Feb-13 10:15:20

I have gone back to the bottle. My hair came through like that guy from the Sopranos- really White at the sides. Tried blonde and that look BAD. So now it's brown. All over. I am going to have to wait for my crown of wisdom. It's not there yet.

notactuallyme Sun 24-Feb-13 11:06:35

auntpetunia NOOOO! I still have grey and haven't coloured it, high or lowlighted it at all. Was an example of what would not be allowed.
Man down! - practicality

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