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Help with dp please

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Dp has hurt his foot. This means that he keeps wearing his vile trainers, instead of any of his several pairs of perfectly nice shoes. His trainers are awful proper running trainers and by the time he's got those on and his hat and his old man coat he looks bloody awful.

Might these be an acceptable middle line do you think?

libertychick Wed 19-Dec-12 22:01:31

Yes definitely. My DH broke one achilles a few years ago and then damaged the other one and frequently can't wear proper shoes and has a couple of pairs like that one. He also finds timberland boots really good.

Thank you. he's got some Timberland shoes and they are comfortable, he says. Tbh he is probably just using the foot as an excuse for being a scruffy git! smile

libertychick Wed 19-Dec-12 22:19:41

You need to stamp on it Remus - next thing it will be elasticated trousers and grey anoraks.... smile

Exactly. I managed to get him shoes, new t-shirts and a jumper today - he'd better flipping wear them.

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