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Make up counters and advice from them.

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wannabedomesticgoddess Wed 19-Dec-12 00:15:49

Is it still possible to go into boots and have someone match your skin tone to foundation? Will they take into account a minimal budget or force sell me something at £50 a bottle?

I havent a clue what makeup I should be wearing. I should know this at 25 blush

icovetthee Wed 19-Dec-12 00:26:54

No7 have a handheld device that will shade match you. They'll try it on and make sure you're happy with it and there's no obligation to buy from their range. The most a foundation from them costs is around £25 but I got a fab one for under £15 with medium buildable coverage. Despite being very pale I wasn't even the lightest shade match!

Otherwise MAC are very good for matches and their foundations are under £30 if you're after light/medium coverage.

wannabedomesticgoddess Wed 19-Dec-12 00:34:27

Thanks, I am the same as you by the sounds of it. I am quite pale, but the pale shades completely wash me out.

I dont want my makeup to look caked on, but my face is a bit blotchy so I need some decent coverage. Probably a medium coverage then would you say?

What questions might they ask? (so I dont look completely clueless.)

icovetthee Wed 19-Dec-12 00:50:32

A medium coverage is best then you can conceal or build it as required. Most pale shades seem to wash me out too and I rely on a good blush and bronzer to contour and give my face colour and definition.

They'll ask how often you wear make up usually, if you have a preferred type (liquid, gel, mousse, powder etc) and your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination). They should also ask what coverage you'd like and whether you prefer a natural glow or matte finish.

wannabedomesticgoddess Wed 19-Dec-12 22:15:56

Thank you smile feel a bit more clued up now!

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