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I hate my new Zara winter coat- and I can't afford another one- whinge

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Have been agonising over a new winter coat for a couple of years... not wanting to spend money on the wrong one. I usually go for something long black & classic-ish.

Anyway, I bought a black wool biker type coat with leather lapels and zips from Zara, and after wearing it a few times have realised though its lovely its not meee... it dosent suit me. And I spent £130 on it. Can't afford another. Have worn it twice so can't take it back.

I know theres nothing to be done, just feel gutted! Am stuck with it now, arent I? sad

janetaylor Fri 21-Dec-12 11:04:33

Hey LordFlashearts! You should definitely sell your coat on ebay so you can get a bit of your money back then buy another coat that you like better. You mentioned that you are on the shorter side and you often go for long black classic coats, how about trying to go Navy blue this time? I found this coat online that I think might suit you best. The cut is fitted at the waist so it is slimming and gives an illusion of height, it is also long (which is what you want), it is also classic but with a bit of twist what with the details on it. I also think that the 2 front pockets come in handy. Hope this helps! Oh it is also affordable and it won't break your budget.
Update us on what happened on ebay.. How much did you sell it for?

twentythirteen Fri 21-Dec-12 17:19:25

OP, I sympathise, if I were to wear that coat I would make it look fit for an old lady. That cut isn't an easy one to rock. Good luck.

eva007 Mon 01-Apr-13 22:53:34

I am reading about your trouble just now and I think I like this coat and would be willing to buy it from you
please let me know if you still have it

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