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Is my hair too long? With pics!

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BunnyLebowski Mon 10-Dec-12 09:07:41

My Mother (whose opinion I shouldn't care about but do) is on the verge of making a hair appt for me when I go home at Christmas as she hates my long hair and has used the word 'witch' about it in the past hmm

I haven't been to a hairdresser in well over a year. I love my hair long and hate hairdressers thanks to a history of unwanted dos and a deep fear of layered Mum cuts and sensible bobs. In my defence it is very thick and shiny.

I'm 32. Tell me MN, is my hair too long and do I look like a witch??

BunnyLebowski Mon 10-Dec-12 09:31:23

That's me too Mistletoe grin

ChasedByBees Mon 10-Dec-12 09:32:18

Not witchy, v pretty and glamorous!

FellatioNelson Mon 10-Dec-12 09:32:54

It is beautiful hair but personally I think it would look more balanced if it were about 4-6 inches shorter.

However, I am not concerned about your hair. I am more concerned that you should stop bathing that poor baby using Fairy Liquid.

KrisMoose Mon 10-Dec-12 09:33:56

Your hair is gorgeous - I wonder if your Mum has hair ishoooooooooos as she made you keep it short as a kid? <amateur psychologist>

And you look really slim envy

<mutters> grin

headfairy Mon 10-Dec-12 09:34:33

Oh yes, the styling opportunities with long hair are infinite! grin

I also have cowlicks but ones that make a flat fringe impossible! We should get our cowlicks together, maybe they'd cancel each other out grin

WayneDeer Mon 10-Dec-12 09:35:48


could it be because your mother thinks your hair is too black?
I think if you had a lighter shade she wouldn't feel the same way

i am not indicating that you should lighten your hair
it's your hair

BunnyLebowski Mon 10-Dec-12 09:35:59

grin Fellatio - At least it was actual Fairy and not the Aldi one!

6 inches??? shock <faints> No chance!

BunnyLebowski Mon 10-Dec-12 09:37:03

Wayne - That's my natural hair colour! Darkest brown with reddish tones in the sun. Nowhere near black in real life. Wouldn't change it for the world.

QuickLookBusy Mon 10-Dec-12 09:40:58

Your hair is beautiful and I would keep it long.

However, I would cut about 3-4 inches off.

I know this sounds weird but I think it's because it kind off rests on your boobsgrin

I think it needs to rest just above them- I don't normally focus on boobs honestlygrin

GlaikitFizzogTheChristmasElf Mon 10-Dec-12 09:41:35

Ok I'm going to ask about the bruises, since no one else has!

How in gods name did you get those? We're you running away from a hairdresser?? grin

BunnyLebowski Mon 10-Dec-12 09:43:10

That's ok Quick - I'm a big Alanis fan wink

Glaikit grin. Key words: alcohol, window, stuck, arse out, rescued, firemen, mortification blush

Startail Mon 10-Dec-12 09:44:04


DoesntTurkeyNSproutSoupDragOn Mon 10-Dec-12 09:44:20

You see where it looks like there's a shorter length... finishes just above the writing on your T shirt... that's where I'd chop it to. No idea if this is the 4 inches I mentioned in my first post.

GlaikitFizzogTheChristmasElf Mon 10-Dec-12 09:48:38


hattymattie Mon 10-Dec-12 09:50:40

I like it - keep it - my mum made me have short hair too when I was little - I always wanted hair like yours but as mine is curly - I understand why she did it. Keep yours - but I would get the ends trimmed as above.

rockinaroundthebadtasteflump Mon 10-Dec-12 09:51:37

You have lovely hair - if you like it, leave it!

If you fancy a change then my professional opinions grin would be to keep your overall length but also have some big chunky layers cut to give it a bit more movement - but I do think it's lovely as it is too - no hint of a witch as far as I can see smile

rockinaroundthebadtasteflump Mon 10-Dec-12 09:52:55

'opinions'? Doh. grin

QuickLookBusy Mon 10-Dec-12 09:55:12

Well Bunny, I understand why you need to keep it that length nowgrin

MonaLotte Mon 10-Dec-12 09:55:40

I was waiting to see ridiculously long hair but it really suits you. I would maybe have a couple of inches off the ends to get rid of any split ends but other than that it's fab!

BunnyLebowski Mon 10-Dec-12 09:55:41

What exactly do you mean by 'chunky layers' rockin??

Google tells me this which is pretty much my worst nightmare shock

WayneDeer Mon 10-Dec-12 10:00:22


I'm sorry, I thought it was dyed
often when you home dye (or salon) there is a colour build up and you can be unaware of how dark your hair has become as a result
I thought that that was the case t b h

I was unaware that it was natural

EauRougelyNight Mon 10-Dec-12 10:02:39

I think long hair only looks witchy if it's in shit condition. I would have enough off to tidy it up, maybe a couple of inches if you don't get it cut regularly but your hairdresser will be able to tell you how much for sure.

rockinaroundthebadtasteflump Mon 10-Dec-12 10:02:57

Ooh you minx - you picked the most horrible one!! I agree that one looks like a frufru-ish nightmare!

I was thinking more this

or this

rockinaroundthebadtasteflump Mon 10-Dec-12 10:03:26

PS But longer, I mean...

GreatCongas Mon 10-Dec-12 10:04:33

Gorgeous envy

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