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Spot cream that actually works?

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Dancergirl Mon 10-Dec-12 00:01:08

Can anyone recommend one? I've tried clean and clear, neutragena (sp?) and freederm and they all do NOTHING!

SirSugar Mon 10-Dec-12 17:41:48


Paradisefound Mon 10-Dec-12 18:06:54

Have you tried avene Products ( avail on amazon), very similar to much more expensive products. Often recommended by dermatologists. Boots sometimes do them on special offer.

DonaAna Mon 10-Dec-12 18:42:22

Was going to recommend toothpaste and aspirin/ibuprofen from gel caps (used externally).

millie19 Mon 10-Dec-12 18:43:59

Dr Nick Lowe spot gel and the cleansing face wash - available in Boots. Spot gel works great, but Dermalogica overnight gel also good. Both salicyclic acid based. And just making sure I am bothering to wash my face morning and night helps day to day, but since using these products I've noticed my monthly spots (am mid30s WTF am i getting them for?) round my jaw are not the odd one or two and not a join the dots jigsaw blush

MrsSalvoMontalbano Mon 10-Dec-12 18:51:28

Hi - have had excellent results with clearasil 4 hour(??) in a small tube - didn't beleiv it would work, but it did!

fussychica Mon 10-Dec-12 19:03:26

Clinique gel - fantastic stuff, even DS uses it his own

PacificDogwood Mon 10-Dec-12 19:09:06

et al

Get yourselves to your Dr's!
There are loads and loads of spot creams out there that work. And don't cost the earth <<stares at Clinique and that lot>>

Whether you call it 'acne' or 'hormonal' or 'spots', 'tis all the same kinda problem. Don't spend a lot of money on things that rarely deliver what they promise. TBH, if you need the appearance of a juice spot to be deminuished, some of the acid based suggeststions (Aspirin = salicylic acid) might work between now and the party you are planning to dazzle at grin, but for more longterm management, get some medical/dermatological advice. And do NOT believe any claim made by the cosmetic industry, ever!!

PacificDogwood Mon 10-Dec-12 19:09:56

a juicy spot, no idea what a 'juice spot' even is blush

jaffacack Mon 10-Dec-12 19:40:12

Sudocreme, it's magic! I also put it on my upper lip after I've waxed my tash blush.

I had acne in my early 20's and Quinoderm helped...although it did give me very dry skin and watch out, it bleaches clothes and pillowcases!

jaffacack Mon 10-Dec-12 19:41:12

Oh, and in the end I went on Dianette to clear my skin up. It worked!

Facepack Mon 10-Dec-12 19:48:43

Go and get zineryt or similar from GP ... It has an antibiotic in it but it's topical ...much much much better than anything over the counter smile

GlaikitFizzogTheChristmasElf Mon 10-Dec-12 19:51:08

Sudacreme here too!

Cherylkerl Mon 10-Dec-12 19:58:29


werewolvesdidit Mon 10-Dec-12 20:26:57

I have a literary friend who, when his wife was expecting their first baby, wrote on his list 'buy pseudocream' smile

Cherylkerl Mon 10-Dec-12 20:32:54

That's brilliant werewolves

DrRanj Mon 10-Dec-12 20:34:43

I have just been prescribed adapalene by my gp. It is a retinoid, in the same class as tretinoin and it works miracles. The retinoids also have clinically proven anti-ageing effects.

Carolathome Mon 10-Dec-12 21:12:46

Duac from docs

Fishandjam Mon 10-Dec-12 21:18:19

Definitely a pharmacy-type (as opposed to beauty-type) cream containing benzoyl peroxide. Though watch out for it bleaching your bedlinen.

I don't know what type your spots are but I still (at age almost 40 blush) need to use an exfoliating scrub on my face to keep blackheads and zits at bay. St Ives apricot or Superdrug own brand tea tree ones, usually. Not every day, but most days.

sedgieloo Mon 10-Dec-12 21:27:36

Continuous use of contraceptive pill Yasmin transformed my skin. Even my hair was normal and not greasy. A real silver bullet for me.

Quinoderm it does dry skin so use lots of moisturiser or just apply it every other day.

chickydoo Mon 10-Dec-12 23:03:17

I have spots/acne since the day I started my periods at age 12. I am now in my 40's. I have had bouts of horrific acne and then a few years where it was milder. never had a day without spots not 1 day until now. I discovered proactiv system. Think it contains bp and other stuff. A mild scrub with AHA's i think, then a lotion/tonic, then a cream. You can buy them in boots or online. My skin has not been this good since I was a child. I actually forgot what it was like to have good skin, and actually answer the door without putting on cover-up stuff first, I feel so happy about it....really amazing stuff for hormonal acne.

chocolatehippy Mon 10-Dec-12 23:05:26

Dermalogica special clearing booster

bealos Mon 10-Dec-12 23:08:50

I'd advise against putting neat tea tree oil on your face. It can really burn the skin (and you won't feel it burning). I've done this a few times and never learnt and ended up with sore dry patches where my spot was - which lasted way longer than the spot would have done.

bealos Mon 10-Dec-12 23:10:16

The best face wash I've tried for combination skin has got to be Modern Friction which I use daily with water in the shower (not dry as they suggest) and it's not too harsh.

bealos Mon 10-Dec-12 23:10:28

That's by Origins by the way

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