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Why does my moisturiser sting?

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berri Sun 09-Dec-12 02:03:00

I'm sure it didn't used to? I've tried a few different ones lately and they all sting, just for 5 mins or so.

Could it be the SPF? I remember sun cream stinging on holiday sometimes but assumed it was the sun/chlorine.

Should I keep switching, or if its working ok maybe it doesn't matter..?

DonaAna Sun 09-Dec-12 07:39:18

I switch to a SPF free moisturizer during winter (Eucerin and La Roche Posay are very good). Many sunscreen chemicals are allergizing and they also have a tendency to block my pores.

berri Sun 09-Dec-12 14:02:34

It's annoying as I'm prone to spots and this current one seems to suit me quite well!

WayneDeer Sun 09-Dec-12 14:16:41

Use this, it's excellent

mamaonion Sun 09-Dec-12 18:47:03

I have this from lots of products- even ones that are supposed to be hypoallergenic like Clinique. I think they're full of parabens and stuff so you could try more natural ingredients products. I find Avene moisturiser really soothes my skin when it's really sensitive, costs £12 so not too £££.

berri Sun 09-Dec-12 20:24:07

Will have a look at the Avene mama, thank you.

Wayne I can't see a link!

EllieorOllie Sun 09-Dec-12 20:57:52

I have this with lots of products too. Spf seems to make it worse, but not just spf. I use Steam Cream now for day, night and hand cream, it's v natural and doesn't make my skin sting at all. Asos and Tesco stock it, and it's available from their own website.

Eliza22 Mon 10-Dec-12 08:20:10

I agree, probably the SPF ingredients. My son has this with ALL sun creams from Simple/Nivea/Boots Soltan. Strangely, he's ok with Piz Buin which is very fragranced but the SPF bit mustn't be as aggravating to his 12 yr old skin.

Try non SPF, natural products. I like Dr Haushka Rose Moisturiser and you only need a weeny bit.

berri Mon 10-Dec-12 17:40:22

Guess you can't win - everyone keeps saying you need SPF every day!

Going to have a look at the natural products, thanks for recommendations smile

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 18:15:15

There isn't enough SPF in face creams irrc to make a difference that's why Liz Earle's doesn't contain it.

If it stings it's too strong ime. HAve you tried the aloe range from The Body Shop? That's nice and gentle.

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