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Toddler with a mass of long curly hair advice please

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sedgieloo Fri 07-Dec-12 21:41:24

Dd is 25 months. She has tons and tons of thick hair
Two problems, I need slides strong enough to keep the hair out of her face, and dealing with the tangles.

Her hair is more than halfway down her back when wet. Dry it is but below shoulder length and a mass of curls. First layer wavy then under this falling in ringlets. The very underneath it is tight corkscrew curls. It is soft and fine but enough hair for two or three children. Brushed out it is huge. Constant compliments its a gorgeous nightmare.

Can you picture it. Very difficult to plait unless wet as it goes all lumpy plus I have to bribe her to get her to keep still. The clips I had been using aren't holding. The bend to snap shut type. These have been great until now but her hair is now too heavy I need about six of them in the front and they no longer stay. Alice Bands are not working, kids ones fall out even if i secure with slides. Plus the tangles are constant it needs teasing/brushing morning and night and she hates it. When I brush out the tangles it goes frizzy maybe it's damaged hair there.

Any advice, products or accessories. I shampoo and condition and brush before washing and when conditioning. Also have a tangle tease comb. Thinking serum or leave in conditioner? Quick fix ideas are great I have a newborn at that ' don't put me down' stage!!

sedgieloo Mon 10-Dec-12 21:22:56

Math, the elf, friZy especially helpful posts. Thanks so much. I will take on board!

Do I need to do clarifying shampoo before I do this shampooing with silicone free conditioner method. If so is there a readily available sulphate free shampoo anyone can recommend please. Or can I just get started once I have the conditioner.

mathanxiety Tue 11-Dec-12 02:50:38

Fringes on me and the DDs end up looking like little sausages hanging over our foreheads. Attractive only to beagles.

I just jumped straight in with the conditioner-only washing the day after I discovered the CG method because I was so desperate

DDs 2 and 3 and I have a little layering but we all have long hair and the layers are only a bit more layery than a blunt cut (not describing this very well). Don't let anyone try to cut curly hair while it's wet. You can easily trim long hair/sort out split ends yourself. It forgives a lot. Get an excellent scissors and cut perpendicular to the hair no matter how it turns.

mathanxiety Tue 11-Dec-12 02:52:08

I use food grade glycerin, well-diluted, in a spray bottle to rehydrate my hair.

aquavit Tue 11-Dec-12 13:50:31

dd's hair is very thick and very curly too. We find that BoraBora's suggestion works best for school - for some reason a half-pony stays in much longer than a full pony, and at least keeps her hair out of her eyes. Clips get pulled out almost straight away.

I don't let it grow long, though - we cut it to just under her shoulders (it curls up into a very cute bob). Even just a trim would save you hassle/time when combing out tangles (we usually only do this when conditioning), and it makes washing easier too. We do a 'low poo' regime here (whole family of curlies) ie sulphate free shampoos, 'cone free conditioners.

Never never cut a fringe on curly hair! But it's easy to cut a bairn's hair yourself if it's curly because it doesn't need to be all that precise, mathanxiety is right that it forgives a lot. I do not use the same calculation for my own hair cuts though grin

JingleBellaTheGymnast Tue 11-Dec-12 13:59:46

DD has a fringe, the little curls round her face look great.

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