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Abercrombie and F*******

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2sugarsandadog Fri 07-Dec-12 09:21:36

Are so far up their own backsides it's unbelievable. No, I do not want to travel from Oxford to central London just to see whether something is in stock and have a 'great time' (grrrrr). And yes, I did manage to work out how to check your website. And no, I do not want some trendy upstart in you shop suggesting an alternative. Nor do I want to 'phone up five times, press 8 for a person, listen to some terrible music only to be told no-one's available before cutting me off.

<<<<Makes mental note never to promise DD something from that Godforsaken outfit again. Phew. That feels better .......

glammanana Fri 07-Dec-12 09:41:32

Similar happened when wanting to order shirt for DGSs birthday,the staff where the worst I have ever come across and would never give them the chance of my business again.

dexter73 Fri 07-Dec-12 09:49:20

I do think some of the shop assistants there are blessed with looks but not with brains occasionally! Once I went to get a polo shirt. I went up to the young male assistant who was gazing at himself in a mirror and asked him where the polo shirts were. He looked puzzled so I said 'a polo shirt like the one you are wearing' and he said 'oh we don't sell tops like this'. I gave up and went to ask someone else!

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