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Warm and dry - the tried and tested thread

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BrianButterfield Tue 04-Dec-12 08:25:34

There's been lots of threads over the winters from people looking for gear to keep them warm and dry in horrible weather, so I thought we could do with a place to share recommendations of the things we've bought, loved and hated.

Merrell Haven: LOVE. Worth every penny. Keeps me unbelievably warm in icy weather, wind proof and not too bulky. Downside is that it's almost 100% waterproof but not quite - it lets water in at the elbows. It fits snugly but I like that.

Karrimor snow quilt snowboots - not tried them in actual snow yet but they're very warm and snug. No toe chill even in freezing weathe. Will report back in case of actual snow.

BikeRunSki Wed 05-Dec-12 21:08:00

Patagonia Infurno (that is the correct spelling) jacket. Very warm, very waterproof and going strong after 12 years!

Merino wool under eveything -long sleeved vests from Howies, Icebreaker, Embers or Ibex. Merino socks from Smartwool or Wooly Booly.

If you want to look a bit "normal" and not like you are off up a mountain, then I have had 3 pairs of DM Authentic Wedge boots in different colours for 4-6 years and they are warm and don't leak, and go with everything.

lifeistooshorttodrinkcheapwine Thu 06-Dec-12 00:23:02

Target dry Astana coat - I have the liquorice (black) is warm, well made, insulated casual but smart and comfortable.

PurtyDarnFine Thu 06-Dec-12 01:34:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Zwitterion Thu 06-Dec-12 05:42:13

Merrell Quinley parka. Really warm and waterproof.

Timberland snow boots. They are waterproof too. I wear them as wellies in the winter.

wildfig Fri 07-Dec-12 12:28:49

I am sitting here in my Didriksons Lindsey parka which arrived this morning. It is so unbelievably cosy and lovely that I don't want to take it off. And the best thing about it is that I can imagine wearing it in the middle of nowhere AND in town, whereas my current winter weather gear is either too 'fashionable' to wear with wellies, or too yokel-tacular to wear anywhere with street lighting.

lifeintheolddogyet Fri 07-Dec-12 18:45:08

I walked the dog in freezing, heavy rain this morning wearing my Didriksons Lindsey and was cosy and dry.

The dog was less happy however... grin

Bluestocking Fri 07-Dec-12 18:52:34

I second the Lands End Stadium Squall coat. Not a thing of beauty, but utterly waterproof and warm without being sweaty.

auldspinster Fri 07-Dec-12 21:33:13

I've had a Lands End Squall parka and it's windproof and waterproof, zips up to the chin so I don't need a scarf and even has a small lip on the hood that keeps my specs dry. My only gripe is that it's a nasty shade of maroon (made worse cos I live in Edinburgh).

kiwidreamer Sat 08-Dec-12 20:00:21

Another mega fan of the Didrikson Lyndsey here - best school run type coat ever! Its totally warm and utterly waterproof, even coped with horizontal sleet on Friday, and bonus is I feel smart and tidy rather than sloppy in any old parka. I debated the Merrell Wakefield and am quite glad I didn't get it, it is nice but just a bit too dressy for my needs smile

kiwidreamer Sat 08-Dec-12 20:02:57

Didrikson sizing comes up really big, I'm a 14/16 normally and the 12 is good for me, I don't wear thick jumpers tho just a cami and cashmere sweater at most.

digestiveandacupoftea Sat 08-Dec-12 20:15:24

My Merrell boots have been to some very cold places and have been unfailingly warm even when it's -20something out. I have trudged through deep snow and they've been waterproof, although not had them in deep water.

The laces on the back of the Oslos are quite annoying as they come undone sometimes.

I think I've got the same Lands End coat as Hortense...the down parka with a detachable fur bit for the hood. I love it. It's light but so warm and again did the job in very cold weather. The lining is fleece which helps too.

Uniqlo thermals pretty good.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Sat 08-Dec-12 20:55:23

Le Chameau ladies lightweight shooting jacket. Waterproof, wind proof, light (obviously), long arms, big pockets for cartridges, poo bags, leads, whistle, keys, phone, tissues, gloves and sweets.

I've got Sherwood Forest long leather boots. The first time I ever wore them I went out with the dog for an hour and by the time I got home I felt as though I was wearing slippers. Bloody lovely. Warm, comfortable and dry.

QuinnFabray Sat 08-Dec-12 21:10:26

I'm finding a lot of places are out of stock, or low in stock on anything decent now. I suddenly remembered Esprit this morning, and low and behold they've got a good selection of down coats. I've ordered two to try and will update on Tuesday when they arrive.

wildfig Mon 10-Dec-12 12:02:31

quinn I found my Didrikson parka online and had it sent from a shop in Kirkcudbright called William Laws - really excellent customer service that deserves a gold star! Viking Kids were also very helpful but had run out of my size in the style I wanted.

Imlostwithoutahope Mon 10-Dec-12 22:51:35

I have a lands end down coat. It's lovely and warm with fleece pockets. The downside is its hardly stylish esp as I bought a shitty brown colour. I keep wearing it though as i hate the cold.

I've also got the seasalt northstar which is completely waterproof and warm too.

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