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SpecialAgentSpade Fri 30-Nov-12 20:15:08

Hi Ladies (and gents)

I'm looking at buying my mum a watch for xmas. Budget is £80 .requirements as a must:

Not contain nickel!!!
Round face
Metal strap (but not bangle)
Small but not not tiny

silver preferable

I love this one but a bit above my price range


LittlePandaBear Fri 30-Nov-12 20:46:02

Have you looked at Debenhams? Maybe something like this?

An extra 10% discount code appeared for me too for anything at Debs, YJ62 (I think!).

SpecialAgentSpade Fri 30-Nov-12 20:47:45

you are my christmas angel. Thank you. it's perfect.

LittlePandaBear Fri 30-Nov-12 20:49:34


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