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If anyone is suffering with dry, cracked lips get this!

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FauxFox Fri 30-Nov-12 09:04:59

Blistex Med plus. It's amazing! I got it for my son whose lips were cracked and bleeding (he has ASD and kept picking at them <shudder>) and although he hated having it on a couple of swipes a day and three days later his lips are fine smile

I tried some today as my lips are dry and cracked in the corners and it feels amazing! It's kind of hot and cinnamony, you can feel it working iyswim.

So yes, really recommend it grin

DolomitesDonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 09:39:46

My take on this - Anatomicals "Stop Cracking Up".

Never in my life have I come across a balm which heals in just a few hours!

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