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Hair straighteners: which one's the best for very thick hair?

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poppadum Fri 07-Apr-06 11:10:06

I have very thick, coarse, wavy hair which is uncontrollable most of the time. I am crap at blowdrying it myself; I don't seem to have enough hands for the job! Most days I can't be bothered, and just wash and dry. Was wondering if hair straighteners are easier to use for lazy moms like me? Has anyone used the Remington wet to dry one? I can't see myself forking out 80 pounds for GHD.

Chapsmum Fri 07-Apr-06 11:12:27

GHD ceramic straiteners are the best money can buy I have thick spiral perm like curls which these iron into glossy straigh locks every day!
sound like a vidall sasson ad dont I???

Chapsmum Fri 07-Apr-06 11:13:58

you can get them for less in salon services. you can also get alternate but just as good ones. I aske my hair dresses about the wet to straight ones he said not for already frizzy hair.
But if you do you must buy a good hair protection product.

hunkermunker Fri 07-Apr-06 11:17:32

What do you use on your hair, CM?

Uwila Fri 07-Apr-06 11:39:10

Toni and Guy makes a straightener that is rubbish. Avoid it.

Chapsmum Fri 07-Apr-06 11:51:33

hc, I change between friz ease serum and bed head stuff.
friz ease is definately the best for special occasions

mancmum Fri 07-Apr-06 11:54:06

I second GHDs -- my frizzy curly mop now loads calmer and tidier and it seems to be straighter even when I have not used them for a while... love them - have used others but none are a patch on GHDs but as my hair is very thick and very curly, might be in need of sterner ones than others!

Chapsmum Fri 07-Apr-06 11:54:36

also fab is rainbow rooms glipro gel 10/10

Luggs Fri 07-Apr-06 12:43:09

Would recommend overlooking the cost if possible and buy GHD as have spent a fortune on other cheaper brands only to bin them as rubbish - would have been less expensive to buy GHD in the first place!

aprilgirl1 Fri 07-Apr-06 12:57:04

im with ghd too ive got long thick curly hair and these are the only ones that i have been able to control my hair with! ive spent a fortune trying other ones and ghd are defo worth the money!!

anguathewerewolf Mon 10-Apr-06 17:08:18

wet to dry are worse for your hair.
i have the coriolliss, but sis has the ghd and it is much better.

MrsSpoon Mon 10-Apr-06 17:13:28

The GHD ones are fab, my hairdresses uses those. I have Hair Tools and they are very similar to GHDs and give a very good result, although if I am honest if they break down I think I would be tempted to buy the real thing next time.

CelluliteQueen Mon 10-Apr-06 17:14:41

I was also thinking of swapping my Mark Hill (?) straighteners for GHD. Where's the cheapest place to get them from? Are they different models or just the one?

buktus Mon 10-Apr-06 17:17:51

i have just bought babyliss ones from boots on offer 60 down to 40 and i have really thick and wavy hair, they heat up to 230 degrees in ten seconds they are fab and half the price of ghd

Luggs Mon 10-Apr-06 17:32:15

Think there is only one type of standard GHD although did do a special edition in pink for breast cancer. There are GHD minis but these are small and think are for travel. Try or 0870 872 0200 for telephone.

CountessDracula Mon 10-Apr-06 17:32:31


PLUS buy Toni and Guy's own brand hairdryer from a salon, it is unbelievable for my horrendously thick hair. About £45. Use that first then ghds

Whizzz Mon 10-Apr-06 17:36:20

Poppadum - my hair sounds a bit like yours & I bought the Wet to Dry Remington - it's great !!
Especially if you use John Frieda shampoo & conditioner

ambercat Mon 10-Apr-06 17:38:20

GHD's, no doubt about it, i have had mine for 4 years now and they are still going strong.

bagpussmice Mon 10-Apr-06 17:56:21

I bought some from Ebay called "She" and they are exactly the same as GHD's but half the price.
I took them away one weekend when I went to stay with a friend, and she had the GHD one's and they were exactly the same, in fact she used them and said she couldn't see any difference at all!

karito22 Tue 02-Dec-14 20:53:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

teawamutu Wed 03-Dec-14 12:51:32

I just got Cloud 9 Touch for my house like hair and they're brilliant.

teawamutu Wed 03-Dec-14 13:08:36

Horse, not house! Ffs.

PrimalLass Wed 03-Dec-14 13:16:39

Zombie thread. The OP was 2006.

Comito Wed 03-Dec-14 13:27:31

GHD. I've used them for years. All others I tried were a waste of money.

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