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Cystic Acne - I think I may have 'grown out of it'

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ThatsDope Sun 25-Nov-12 21:37:20

Just a message of hope really....

-Sufferer from 25 - 37 touches wood.
-Dianette between 29-34 kept a lid on it most of the time but it didn't suit me after DCs (terrible side effects) so was pill free and DH had vasectomy.
-HUGE shiney chin boil every month, just before period lasting about 2 weeks at least. Red, sore, never came to a head, scarred and lasted even longer if even slightly prodded it.
-As it died down I got dry contours of skin around it that made even using light make-up a no go as it just used to accumulate and highlight it more
-Hated it so much going to work with what felt like another body growing out of my face,

ANYWAY the GOOD NEWS - haven't had one since Feb!!!!!! Just weird. Same skin routine etc etc.

Any others who have out-grown it (due to to hormones changing, I guess?)?
Am I getting excited too soon?!! Just loving that I no longer have the dread every month, that I now realise I had.

sadsong Mon 26-Nov-12 00:44:58

I was a terrible acne sufferer in my teens sad so much so I went on roacutane. Although it couldn't necessarily be proved the moment I stopped taking it I got terribly Ill. I've had ongoing health problems for 15 yrs. To take the biscuit, I'm 32 and it's come back this year terribly. Think it's my hormones as it's since ds5 was born. It's all down my neck, it looks horrible. Hardly ever heads and it's so painful. I've cut out almost all caffeine. I'm wondering whether Its stress?! But it's not been this bad for years sad

DownTheRabidHole Mon 26-Nov-12 06:29:17

Same as you, one carbunkle monthly since early teens. I'm approaching 40 now and they're rare - maybe 1-2 times a year. There's been a definite improvement since I had children but personally I think it's a change of diet. I eat low-carb and when I eat carbs I get them.

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