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I finally stumped up for Bottox and wow what a difference!

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smilingnotfrowning Wed 21-Nov-12 16:56:24

I don't consider myself to be a big beauty addict but 2 weeks ago I had Bottox and its made a subtle but significant difference. I've noticed people smiling back at me more and I realise that it must be because I don't look perpetually worried. No one in real life has figured out what I've done so I had to come onto to MN to share my news!

BobblyGussets Fri 23-Nov-12 12:16:37

I have horizontal lines on my forehead and I am only just 40 shock. I would help with that, wouldn't it, as well as for number 11s?

FunBagFreddie Fri 23-Nov-12 14:48:22

8 - 9 months is actually very good. Although I couldn't justify shelling out for it every couple of months. Mind you, I'm only bothered about the lines between the eyebrows, but I imagine that once you start you want more!

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Fri 23-Nov-12 14:55:11

No, I don't think that I want more now I have started. I don't want to get rid of all lines, just the fan of lines going out from between my eyebrows caused by permafrowning.

I have lines from my nose to mouth, and crows feet are starting, but I have no desire for fillers or any of that gubbins.

noddyholder Fri 23-Nov-12 15:01:02

4-5 months here.Like cybbo the number 11 went and never came back. I have lots of health problems and other scars but I still want to look good even if I am falling apart!

Kewcumber Fri 23-Nov-12 16:00:59

notlaughing - my post genuinely wasn't a passive aggressive why would anyone do that. It was comment on why I wouldn't. I live with enough risks without adding more for the possibility of having the odd line or two less. I won't sue you I really don't have any issue with anyone else doing it!

I am however very confident that people - if they do indeed smile more at you after botox - do so because you smile more at them not because you are less lined and therefore more attractive.

Kewcumber Fri 23-Nov-12 16:03:03

Getorf - the cost is not negligable. If you don't have the money then you don't. A tub of nivea is just as likely to keep your face moisturised as Estee Lauder so you don't need to spend £50 a month to keep your skin in good condition. Cleanse with olive oil and then cheapest moisturiser - job done.

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Fri 23-Nov-12 16:08:36

The cost is negligible to me - in comparision to what I could spend. I am not saying that it is an essential that everyone should be able to afford, I presumed that was clear. hmm

IslaValargeone Fri 23-Nov-12 16:12:17

I'm bumping my cautionary tale, I am one of the people who have bad side effects, sometimes I think it is worth reminding folks that the small statistics that practioners gloss over, do exist.

Speedos Fri 23-Nov-12 16:41:32

I've been having it for 8 years and it lasted longer when I was younger! I am 35 and this last lot I had wore off after 6 weeks so I went back and she did it again for me for free. I think the problem is I am exercising every day and I think this makes it wear off quicker. When I haven't been exercising it would last 3 months max.

noddyholder Fri 23-Nov-12 16:42:14

Too much computer apparently wears it off v quickly No scrolling for me!

IslaValargeone Fri 23-Nov-12 16:47:13

Still hoping there will be some advances made for alternatives, I was reading a while ago about REX but nothing seems to have materialised.

noddyholder Fri 23-Nov-12 16:56:57

Isla I was very ill a few days after the 3rd time I had it. I was convinced it was the botox and laid off it. But nothing since so maybe I just had a fluey thing?

IslaValargeone Fri 23-Nov-12 17:09:08

That's good, you were brave to give it another go. I had Herman Munster brow, droopy lids, flu type symptoms and the squitters to name just a few.
I wouldn't risk it again. I'm learning to embrace my 11's until I can source something else. lives in hope

FunBagFreddie Fri 23-Nov-12 17:36:19

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan I have those lines too. I can't help pulling that expression forwning whenever I think about something!

I don't care about the other lines, but the ones between my eyebrows are starting to really bother me.

Pendulum Fri 23-Nov-12 17:46:40

I don't have number 11s, I have one deep horizontal line between my eyebrows. I think my forehead is going to slip over my eyes one day. I haven't worked out yet whether Botox would be suitable for that- does anyone know?

I reckon most people my age disguise that line (if they have it) by needing to wear glasses most of the day. Sadly, I have 20:20 vision grin

noddyholder Fri 23-Nov-12 18:55:18

Can you deepen the line by squinting?

Pendulum Fri 23-Nov-12 19:36:30

Not sure and no mirror handy- is that the test for it to succeed? I can only make it smooth out by raising both eyebrows and looking surprised.

I've also wondered whether Botox would get rid of the ^ ^ marks above my eyebrows. I don't really have furrows, just these funny things.

It all looks a lot worse when I haven't had enough sleep (i.e. every day)

Rollergirl1 Fri 23-Nov-12 21:16:05

I'm considering having it too. I'm 38 (nearly 39) and generally look quite young but deffo have the 11's.

Where do you guys go to? You can get it done at dentists nowadays can't you? And how much should you expect to pay?

Also has anyone had any detriment effect? They always used to say with botox that when you freeze one particular set of muscles that others end up working more.

notlaughinglines Fri 23-Nov-12 23:14:48

not passive aggressive kew, but the tone was defo a bit off, no worries though

does the squint/frown test tell you if the botox would work then gerorf?

I can definitely make my under eye ones more pronounced when I smile, does that mean it would work? (I'm desperate!)

ppeatfruit Sat 24-Nov-12 12:50:41

Well I have given myself a 'natural' facelift; after loosing nearly 3 stone on the Paul Mckenna way of eating combined with the Blood type Diet I have been told I look 15 years younger. If you don't put poison in your body by eating shxx food and you also quit binge drinking and smoking then your skin improves amazingly.

I also do acupressure every day which has resculpted my face (no double chin, darker irises and whiter whites, thicker hair that has stopped dropping out honest !!!! less grey eyebrow hairs etc.)

ProcrastinatingPanda Sat 24-Nov-12 13:21:57

rollergirl you should try and get it done from a practitioner who is a qualified doctor too, that way if anything goes wrong they'll be able to fix it and you're less likely to get dodgy stuff.

topsi Sat 24-Nov-12 14:18:41

there are many nurses out there doing just as good a job as doctors

Kewcumber Sat 24-Nov-12 15:21:17

the tone was defo a bit off but surely on the internet tone comes from how you read as much as how you write?

Anyway the point I wanted to make (because really it matters not one jot to me if anyone has botox or plastic surgery or spends £1,000's on creams) is that people don't smile more at you if you have botox. You might be smiling more at them because you feel more confident but I beleive cosmetic surgery/procedures (unless you have some serious disfigurements) only have an effect on the person who has them.

LightHousekeeping Sat 24-Nov-12 15:34:36

I had it ten years ago and thought it was amazing.

Im thinking of getting it done as a Christmas present to myself. Does anyone know of a good practitioner in either North London or Sheffield? I know thats abit random but Im going up there for a girly weekend and could get it done there. My moisturisers costs £55 a pop although it lasts ages I do think some good botox will save me money and give me back some of the confidence I seem to be lacking these days.

Snog Sun 25-Nov-12 08:27:12

Suspect kew has hit the nail on the head here and doesn't deserve comments made

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