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New Look Biker Jacket

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Peggotty Wed 21-Nov-12 14:53:58

I've just ordered but am worried that a. the leather will be crap at that price (although it's been reduced from £60) and b. at 36 I'm too mutton for it, or are they ageless?

lurkingaround Wed 21-Nov-12 15:09:05

I hope think they're ageless. Certainly at 36, it's absolutely not mutton. It should be lovely on you.

I have one, I'm older than you, and I get oodles of compliments in it. And I believe all the compliments. I love my jacket.

Can't vouch for Newlook pleather, haven't seen it.

Peggotty Wed 21-Nov-12 16:14:18

Thanks lurking. Other thing I should have mentioned is that I'm a slim(ish) apple so am hoping it doesn't make me look top heavy - I would prob wear it with longer line top to balance out a bit. I just couldn't resist it at that price and being real leather!

lurkingaround Wed 21-Nov-12 17:50:23

Wow! Very cheap for real leather!!! Bargain.

I'm a slim-ish pear, and I hope it doesn't make me look completely unbalanced!! We all have our ishoos, I suppose. I have an apple -quite an apple- friend with a gorgeous grey biker jacket. It is beautiful on her. She looks fantastic in it.

Beaverfeaver Wed 21-Nov-12 18:02:33

Wowee! Thanks for link! Genuine leather for £40 is a bargain and I have Been looking for a biker jacket for ages

Peggotty Wed 21-Nov-12 18:11:10

Glad you like it beaver! smile. Lurking, I think pears can get away with much more (clothing-wise!) than apples - I bet you do look great in it - what do you wear yours with?

lurkingaround Wed 21-Nov-12 18:24:59

I wear it with everything, weather permitting. I have a couple of dresses with ankle boots that I wear to work, and the jacket sharpens the look up v nicely. Also a tweed-y asymmetrical wrap skirt thingy (sounds awful, but isn't). Knitted dress. I also wear it with skinnies at the weekend, tho I do feel a bit more self-concious in them.

I'm always envious of apples and their fabulous bottoms. Look fab in jeans.

Peggotty Wed 21-Nov-12 18:47:37

Yes I do have fab legs and bum wink. I tend to wear skinnies all the time a lot. It sounds quite versatile then.

Beaverfeaver Wed 21-Nov-12 18:57:26

Just like me too! I'm buying it NOW!

WhoNickedMyName Wed 21-Nov-12 19:00:28

I have it, I love it. The leather is very good, kind of a cracked/suede type effect and I thought it was a bargain at £60. I wear it loads, oh and I'm 34.

GlitKnit Wed 21-Nov-12 19:14:55

Right have ordered. If it makes me look a twat I'm blaming you

Beaverfeaver Wed 21-Nov-12 19:24:32


Whonickedmyname - is the sizing normal?

WhoNickedMyName Wed 21-Nov-12 19:33:40

Ah, well I'd say they come up a bit small. I'm usually an 8 but it is a very slim fit and I only had a vest on when I tried it on, so I bought a 10 thinking if I wore another layer there was enough room and the 10 fits great. But I also have big boobs for my build (30E) so needed a bit of room for them too.

Beaverfeaver Wed 21-Nov-12 19:36:18

Hopefully 12 will be ok...

Peggotty Wed 21-Nov-12 20:18:45

Oh god, the weight of responsibility if it's crap! grin

YouBrokeMySmoulder Wed 21-Nov-12 20:38:48

Just got dh to order one for me for christmas. grin

GlitKnit Wed 21-Nov-12 20:39:24

A week to deliver to store?!
John Lewis deliver overnight

AnyFucker Wed 21-Nov-12 20:47:45

I tried that jacket on this week with my dd, 17. It's great.

We both preferred this one though, and we bought it between us. That probably makes me mutton but I don't care smile

lurkingaround Wed 21-Nov-12 21:10:29

Lovely AnyF!

I really love wearing my jacket. It is NOT mutton. <mumsnet gavel>

Peggotty Wed 21-Nov-12 21:12:36

I ordered a 16. I'm more like a 14 on top but I want to be able to wear it with chunky tops/layers. Mine is getting delivered free in 4 working days but I was also forced to order a top to get the free delivery!

Beaverfeaver Wed 21-Nov-12 23:02:01

Good shout Peggotty! I paid the damn delivery charge as was too inpatient to find anything else

mammadiggingdeep Thu 22-Nov-12 09:53:51

I ordered it last night!!! What a bargain. Hope it looks a bit of new look at the moment. Think they've upped their game. I also ordered a 16.99 dress so that I'd get free, I'm such a mug! Played right into their hands on that one!!! Can't wait for it to arrive smile

Peggotty Sat 24-Nov-12 16:21:29

Anyone else's arrived? Mine came today - really like it! Leather looks good and feels nice and soft. I think it will be quite a versatile little jacket!

YouBrokeMySmoulder Sat 24-Nov-12 16:30:45

Mine came today but dh has put it away for christmas gah. I did get 2 packs of socks though that he said he had to buy to get the free delivery. So its not all bad. grin

lurkingaround Sat 24-Nov-12 20:16:45

Excellent Peggotty*! You'll get loads of wear out of it!

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