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Uggs - are they really that bad?

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DancesWithWoolsEnPointe Wed 21-Nov-12 12:14:06

After a class war broke out on another completely unrelated thread, it came up that UGGs are considered a serious no-no on MN. I must confess to owning two pairs (one black and one brown) and as a WFHM I wear them all winter provided it is dry. They are the comfiest, warmest shoes I've ever had. They are like slippers but for outside! I don't wear them on the outside of my trousers, this is a look I don't like, but inside a boot leg I consider them harmless.

Am I deluding myself and walking around in the winter version of crocs?

Ephiny Wed 21-Nov-12 14:49:46

I don't think they're that bad. But I wouldn't pay that much for boots that aren't properly waterproof.

chickydoo Wed 21-Nov-12 14:55:03

I'm with you all the way grin

FeuDeRussie Wed 21-Nov-12 15:01:35

I love my Uggs. I don't wear them outside unless I'm just popping into the village or wandering round the garden, they feel too much like going out in your slippers. But they are cosy and I think they look cute!

Mine are coming apart now after 5 years of wear. Am not paying the price they are now so thinking of getting some Celtic Sheepskin ones grin They may have to be a Xmas present.

PoshPaula Wed 21-Nov-12 15:26:12

I love my Celtic Sheepskin boots, and my little DS's love their mini Celts (the shortie version in dark brown). Uggs and all those styles are not going to go away because they're so warm and practical, and comfortable. I think they can look good too, worn with the right things.

By the way I wish people would stop using the word 'Chav' or 'Chavvy.' It's pretty damaging and offensive.

ItsGonnaBeFine Wed 21-Nov-12 16:44:04

Uggs under bootlegs? In fact....bootlegs?! Oh noooooo grin wink

I wear my old Uggs as slippers and a newer pair when its snowing / seriously cold. They arent fashionable but they are sooooo warm and comfy.

Cherrypie32 Wed 21-Nov-12 17:01:11

I'm sorry to say I was really looking forward to receiving a pair of Celtic Sheepskins I'd ordered but they weren't a patch on UGG's and I sent them straight back with disappointment. They felt extremely uncomfortable in comparison, not a nice colour (bit orangey) and thin on sheepskin. My daughter has a tiny pair and they are gorgeous but IMO they didn't size up as nicely.

DonaAna Wed 21-Nov-12 17:03:18

Everyone wore Uggs last winter (even chic socialites here in Rome - they had studded limited editions). Interesting to see whether they are coming out of the closet this winter. Mine are not (unless it gets really cold) - they just don't look good enough.

Indoors, however, I will continue wearing them. We have chilly stone floors and it's either Uggs or pneumonia.

AmberNectarine Wed 21-Nov-12 19:31:03

Lol at stuff not being chavvy because it's expensive.

I give you Juicy Couture.

AmberNectarine Wed 21-Nov-12 19:33:57

And on the subject of Uggs, I think they are fine, but you'll never win any style award. I have two pairs, so neither will I. I do try and limit their wearing to indoors, but when I went through early pg and mc recently, and totally lost my fashion mojo for a few weeks they were like a delightful comfort blanket.

The knitted ones I cannot stand though.

PinkPeanuts Wed 21-Nov-12 19:35:10

LOVE my Uggs and couldn't care less what anybody else thinks about them! I own three pairs, one of which I've had for 6 years and still going strong. Best winter purchase ever!

Ilovecrossfit Wed 21-Nov-12 19:39:11

Really chavy ( or is it chavvy??)?? I just dont care I wouldnt wear them to an evening out but tehy are very comfy on school runs or even for a walk with kids, comfortable and warm.

Ive got 2 pairs, Kensington ones and the ones with button ( sorry forgot the name)..very comfy and just love them.
I dont really care what people on here say, some may love them others not...I live on the farm so also have dubarry boots and love them too and I know some people hate them...I hate heels but it doesnt mean I consider everyone wearing them to be a chav...

squoosh Wed 21-Nov-12 19:43:03

I don't think they're chavvy I just think they're ugly.

Also unless someone has long skinny legs they aren't the most flattering.

squoosh Wed 21-Nov-12 19:44:37

However Uggs come nowhere close to Crocs in terms of Crimes Against Footwear.

LynetteScavo Wed 21-Nov-12 19:47:34

I like Uggs, although I've never owned a pair.

If someone gave me some I would wear them. I did see a very nice pair of pink one's once in Biscester and was very tempted. grin

Although the lady in front of my at the ATM this morning was wearing a horrid pair of bright pink fake Uggs. (They had an Ugg label but were obviously synthetic) Very scary at 8am on a rainy morning.

Banderchang Wed 21-Nov-12 19:51:56

Maybe one of you Ugg/Celtic boot owners can tell me, is it possible to drive wearing them? I can't see how it would work with the non-bendy sole. Anyone know?

dexter73 Wed 21-Nov-12 19:53:35

Yes you can drive in them.

Ilovecrossfit Wed 21-Nov-12 19:54:07

Ive got loooong legs are they skinny...not sure smile

You can drive in uggs I do, I only tried last year and they are fine...seriously.
I know what you mean by fake ones, you can see by just looking at grey ones are 3 yrs old and still have perfect shape

TerrorNotSoFrightened Wed 21-Nov-12 20:07:40

I bought a pair of fakes to wear as slippers, they are so comfy that I'm asking for a pair of Celtic sheepskin boots for Christmas.

Couldn't give a stuff if others like them or not.
Get them OP, be comfy.

DancesWithWoolsEnPointe Wed 21-Nov-12 20:30:37

I'm probably going to regret saying this - but what is wrong with bootleg jeans? I'm not built for skinny or straight cut. I do also wear wide leg and flares.

dexter73 Wed 21-Nov-12 20:49:37

Nothing is wrong with bootcut jeans - if they suit you more than straight or skinny jeans then wear them!

CountryBelle Wed 21-Nov-12 21:42:57

dexter and chickydoo - woohooo for our "rule" breaking!! I own and wear all the things mentioned on a daily basis!

While im not cutting edge fashion (eurghhh), i am always well turned out, presentable, comfortable and happy :-) My items r all the genuine articles, i think its fake anything that ends up looking awful.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 21-Nov-12 22:39:24

I've worn bootcut with ankleboots for years .
I'm not wearing skinnies just because they are 'in'.

My DD has the Next boots (not Uggs but suede boots) but because she's growing like a weed, she won't get a chance to wear them out. (I agree I detest the boots rolling over on the heel. Might as well wear socks)

I waterproof DD suede boots. Her feet are enviably warm and dry.

Freshbloodletticia Thu 22-Nov-12 08:26:52

I'm in the dedicated support group for Celtic Sheepskin. Way nicer than Uggs, cheaper and British!
Even my DD aged 8 has them.

LookAtAllTheseFucksIGive Thu 22-Nov-12 11:05:18

Uggs are fucking amazing. Wear what the hell you like. I hate this snobbish behaviour about clothing/footwear on MN. Its one of the few things that really bugs me about this place.

squoosh Thu 22-Nov-12 11:08:43

I agree that everyone should wear what they want, definitely. I'm sure people look at some of my sartorial choices and grimace big style. The trick is not to care! smile

I'd still like to gather all the Crocs in the world and melt them down.

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