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Getting my hair cut on Friday - where is a good place to look for inspiration?

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MrsAyrtonSenna Tue 20-Nov-12 14:53:28

I have basically had two hairstyles for most of my adult life if the photographic evidence is to be believed! It is either long with a fringe or in a shorter layered style. I grow it - get fed up with it - get it cut and then start again!

Currently it is long with a fringe and I am fed up with it as I just seem to end up wearing it tied back in a ponytail of some sort as I dont really have the time to style it as such. Doesnt help that it is fine and doesnt seem to hold a curl well if I want to have it wavy. If I use straighteners or style it, it looks great when done, but just doesnt last the day.

I have a haircut booked for Friday and wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of website or magazine that would give me some ideas for something different but easy to manage that actually looks like a style........ at the moment I feel like Cousin It from the Munsters with it just hanging all round my face!

Ideally would like to be able to take a picture in to show hairdresser what I am hoping to achieve as I am hopeless at describing it as I am useless with the technical terms used.

SparkyTGD Tue 20-Nov-12 16:13:42

I always take pics to show hairdresser, make sure & take a selection of ones that are all similar to what you want but a bit different.

Then the hairdresser will be able to help choose which will 'work' with your hair & you.

I usually put description of style i want eg. medium length layered fringe, into google images & see what comes up, then print off a selection of those I like best.

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