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if i wear this do i need to change my name to hussy tramptastika?

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chibi Sun 18-Nov-12 12:37:23


5'7, size 12 brunette, olive skin 37 years old, more or less proportionate (no megaboobs etc)

need a dress for a work xmas do, found this

while nothing much is exposed, is it too sexy? I want to look foxy but not like the middle aged sexy cougar equivalent of clint eastwood reluctantly getting his guns out one last time to sort out some grim western town

any help appreciated

if this dress is too damn much, could you suggest something else? please? thanks

chibi Sun 18-Nov-12 12:40:11


bishboschone Sun 18-Nov-12 12:42:49

Are you ok with no bra or strapless . You will see bra straps and that will look very cheap . Otherwise I think it's fine as long as your tummy is flat .

nettlemummy Sun 18-Nov-12 12:43:45

I think it is fine, nice dress, not hussyish at all.

chibi Sun 18-Nov-12 12:46:10

i am going to get some kind of bra that has a clear back/straps OR is some sort of multiway plunge front low back type one (these exist, I have investigated)

i have not got a big stomach

ifancyashandy Sun 18-Nov-12 12:47:12

It's not hussyish. It's just a bit cheap looking. It's a bit too Cheryl Cole circa 2009 for my liking.

FromEsme Sun 18-Nov-12 12:49:42

37 is not middle aged, for god's sake!

The dress is so-so, it might look amazing on, it might not.

womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 12:51:03

I think it looks a bit cheap too, there is a lovely pied a terrestrial lace one in the HOF sale,default

womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 12:51:45

Pied a terre, not terrestrial

ifancyashandy Sun 18-Nov-12 12:53:27

Wombling that red one is far nicer. And so (and I never like their clothes!) is the Phase 8 one on the same page. Also like the Kre Millen too.

LittlePandaBear Sun 18-Nov-12 13:03:01

I prefer the River Island one, it's more 'trendy' and I find the Pied a terre one far more aging, although it's still nice. For your age, stick with your first choice, if you can sort out the bra issue!

chibi Sun 18-Nov-12 13:06:25

those dresses are lovely, but i need el cheapo. in dim light, i might just look ok i hope

HellothisisJoanie Sun 18-Nov-12 13:07:33

Love it. I think if it were v short it would be trampy

FromEsme Sun 18-Nov-12 13:23:34

chibi what's all this "in dim light, i might just look ok"? Come on, woman. Where's your self-esteem?

If you don't feel like you'd look good in the dress, don't buy it. Or buy it and send it back if you're not keen.

womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 13:25:54

What's your budget Chibi? Will have a look in a bit for cheaper options.

chibi Sun 18-Nov-12 13:35:02

my budget is as low as possible! i just don't have the kind of social life that will see a dress like this get a load of use, so something £50 or less (wayyyy less!) is ideal, i can always ebay it

please don't worry about my self esteem! the dim light reffered to cunning bra solutions - the only one in stock is a clear back one which might be visible in a bright room

womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 13:59:48


womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 14:00:31

Sorry can't do links, but this George dress looks v sophisticated, and body on. What do you think?

womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 14:02:39

What about a shift, £30?[471757%7C471259]&noOfRefinements=1&_%24ja=tsid%3A19733&cmpid=Aff_CJ

womblingalong Sun 18-Nov-12 14:05:43


CajaDeLaMemoria Sun 18-Nov-12 14:07:01

I have that dress. I'm 22, not that I think it matters. Anyway, it is cheap and it itches a lot! I was going to send it back but a friend destroyed it for Halloween going to a TOWIE type look instead.

I prefer the George one. If you do go for this one, a bra won't work because the fabric sits funny over the bra (I tried a plunge low back strapless one too) and it itches like hell. Don't plan to wear it for longer than an hour or two!

HtH smile

polyhymnia Sun 18-Nov-12 14:09:05

I think it has the potential for looking rather cheap and tarty and something more subtly sexy than that back would be better -but a lot depends on what sort of office do it is and how full- on the dresses usually are.

chibi Sun 18-Nov-12 14:17:41

i was sort of afraid of that. i love the lace look, but if only there were something with not quite so low a back. boo.

HellothisisJoanie Sun 18-Nov-12 14:19:05

You can have that for under 30

HellothisisJoanie Sun 18-Nov-12 14:20:04

Sorry. I'd posted I am about to eBay that. It's a 14 tho

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