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Slimming World - hints tips help and thoughts please?

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Chicinwellies Sun 18-Nov-12 07:51:15

Basically in a nutshell I have been in complete denial of needing to Lose weight - until now. A series of beautiful family pics were taken on the beach and when I uploaded them onto the computer there it was staring me in the face - I Have to diet.
I am active, walk 4-5 miles a day and swim twice a week, as well as chase around my two children.
Two friends of mine have recently had great success with slimming world and so, I think, it's time for me to try too.
Have you tried it? Also do I need to go to the sessions every week ? I am a total newb to this and all I gather is its about sensibly controlling what I eat and still enjoying a variety of food.
My bmi is 25.5 and at the moment motivation is high, our 10 year wedding anniversary in April, a stone and a half away.

chubbymomie2012 Sun 18-Nov-12 07:58:33

I had a similar experience in June. I had some family pictures taken and lets just say the woman in the pics didnt resemble the woman I thought i was. So I joined Slimming world and I lost a stone in 5 weeks. I left the groups then thinking I could do it on my own and the weight has crept back on.
I have 4 kids and snack instead of eat meals. After a horriblenweekend of shopping and finding nothing i am rejoining my group tomrrow morning.
i highly recommend weight watchers you will not omly loose weight and feel good about yourself but u will make lots of new friends. Good luck and let us know how u get on. x

newpup Sun 18-Nov-12 08:35:58

Hello. I have lost almost 6 stone with SW. You do have to go to meetings every week until you at target but you do not have to stay for the group talk. You can just weigh and go! Also you can go to any meeting so if you can not make your usual one you can find another at a different time to go to. You have 6 weeks holiday a year and you do have to pay for any missed weeks not taken as holiday. It took me 5 months to get to goal and I then moved my target to lose another half stone. I have kept it off for 5 months now.

I think SW works because it is so easy to fit into normal everyday life. I can make meals that all the family eat, I can still eat out and enjoy a glass of wine or piece of cake. It is essentially a healthy eating plan and I never go hungry.

ChablisLover Sun 18-Nov-12 08:50:49

I would recommend slimming world

It works and never hungry

Sil is doing ww now after slimming world and hates it. She is going to leave and go back to sw.

I lost just over 2 stone reaching target in summer 2011
Have stayed more or less around that since then

Have gone slightly off plan but I do believe sw re educated me on the way I eat. So if I have a blow out i know to reign it in the next wee while.

So yes, sw all the way for me. some of the recipes are a bit out therefore baked beans in a soup - yuk! But you can work to what you like. As you can eat everything, I didn't find it restrictive at all mainly cos I was filling up on "free foods". Would highly recommend staying for the talk even for motivation and to keep you on track

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