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First office job - dress me?

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LoosingBattle Sat 17-Nov-12 20:28:20

For the last ten years I have worn a uniform to work. In fact, I have only ever worn a uniform since I left school. I am now starting an office job a week on Monday. Dress is smart/casual, not business suits. I don't know where to start sad Need everything from the shoes up! As cheaply as possible but reasonable quality. I am a size 12/14, out of work I only ever wear jeans and jumpers.

Can anyone give assistance? Even what shops to start in, have a week off next week so need to get sorted. Have started with booking a hair appointment on Monday - first in 2 years! Which gives you the jist of how into looking good/fashion I am!!

Even worse they dress down on a Friday shock Ideas for that too please!

SmellyFartado Sat 17-Nov-12 21:02:16

Go for some good quality basics which you can then turn into different looks with necklaces, scarves, etc.

eg. black trousers, white shirt, black shirt, black dress, print dress, print shirt, court shoes. With just this, you can turn into simple work wardrobe and just change accessories to make your key pieces look different.

Asda/Tu at Sainsburys good for plain trousers, block colour tops/blouses, etc. Buy lots of my work staples there and then get other key pieces from Marks & Spencer, Zara, New Look, etc. Next also ok but find them a bit too pricey for what you get there so shop around. Oo, Tesco is also good for basics.

For dress down days, check whether that includes jeans as some work places have 'no jeans' policy. I used to wear tunic dresses over thick tights and knee high boots or my skinny jeans with nice heels and a shirt or long cardigan.

Best of luck in your new job thanks

LoosingBattle Sat 17-Nov-12 21:16:12

oh thank you! thanks that is a great start to work from smile

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