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Spa resort recommendations please

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WipsGlitter Sat 17-Nov-12 21:05:26

chablislover are you me??! I was going to suggest those too! We spent s week in a suite in Aghadoe Heights - it was shamazeballs. Glalgorms good and close to the airport. River Room meant to be fab.

wimbledonmummy Sat 17-Nov-12 20:56:44

Pennyhill Park. Amazing.

PennyLang Sat 17-Nov-12 20:31:35

I second the Grove, pure luxury and seriously great food!!

ujjayi Sat 17-Nov-12 18:23:26

The Grove in Hertfordshire (okay, just outside of Watford) is allegedly very good.

I haven't been to Whittlebury Hall for about 5 years now but the last time I went I had a really appalling experience.

fluffydressinggown Sat 17-Nov-12 18:23:22

Headlam Hall

MrsMelon Sat 17-Nov-12 18:18:49

Coworth Park, Ascot. Amazing!

middleagedspread Sat 17-Nov-12 18:16:57

Don't know about foot, but the foods good too!

middleagedspread Sat 17-Nov-12 18:16:44

Don't know about foot, but the foods good too!

middleagedspread Sat 17-Nov-12 18:16:18

The Scarlet Hotel, nrth Cornish Coast
Chewton Glen
Pennyhill Park
Careys manor, New Forset.

All lovely spas with great foot.
What a great treat

PrincessOfChina Sat 17-Nov-12 15:02:04

The Cornwall Hotel.

We went for my 30th a couple of years ago and the food was amazing. I only used the pool in the spa as I was 8 weeks pregnant so couldn't have treatments but I looked lovely.

Wandastartup Sat 17-Nov-12 14:59:31

Calcot Manor or Gleneagles

bloomingheather Sat 17-Nov-12 14:54:23

The Park Hotel Kenmare in County Kerry is beautiful. The spa (SAMAS) which has featured in Conde Nast as one of Europe's best spa destinations (I think!). They have an outdoor infinity pool which looks out over a lake and across to mountains (I loved it, as you can tell) and have an excellent reputation. Kenmare is a heritage village - it might be a bit of a trek for a weekend, but worth a visit! Stobo Castle in Peebles fab too.

polyhymnia Sat 17-Nov-12 13:35:27

Penny Hill Park near Camberley is nice - great luxurious spa for sure. Haven't personally eaten in their most formal restaurant though.

gregssausageroll Sat 17-Nov-12 10:16:04

Gleneagles spa is amazing. The Deso restaurant Particularly good.

ChablisLover Sat 17-Nov-12 10:11:42

If you are looking at Ireland, i would recommend aghadoe heights hotel in Killarney Kerry. Is luxury incarnate.
Fabulous spot the food is wonderful (breakfast is stunning) and the spa is lovely. 5 star luxury at its best.

Also would recommend the slieve donard in Newcastle county down Northern Ireland. 4 star but beautiful spot too.

Galgorm manor hotel in county Antrim is lush as well. I had my wedding reception there. The head chef was on the great British menu.

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Sat 17-Nov-12 08:51:17

Thanks ladies- I will google your ideas.

sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 17-Nov-12 08:50:43

Losehill House in the Peak District

Pourquoimoi Sat 17-Nov-12 08:42:24

Actually not sure about fab restaurant as I've only had lunch there.

Pourquoimoi Sat 17-Nov-12 08:41:53

Springs hydro in Leicestershire is lovely, it's part of the champneys group and in my opinion nicer than Henlow grange, one of their other ones.

Coconutter Sat 17-Nov-12 08:37:29

Try Whittlebury Hall. I went there with a friend last year and it was fab. Really good food and excellent service too!

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Sat 17-Nov-12 08:10:35

Im looking for a spa resort or hotel for my 40th weekend with friends. We want somewhere really luxurious. Uk or Ireland. Somewhere that has a fab restaurant as well as great spa facilities We've been to rockcliffe hall before and loved it. Not Celtic manor or hoars cross hall as they weren't a patch on rockcliffe! Any recommendations please...

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