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How fit do you need to be for Zumba?

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plaingirly Fri 16-Nov-12 19:11:45

I have got to the point where I hate how I look and can't stand to look in the mirror.

I was thinking of going to a zumba class as there is a new one near me that doesn't have many people going yet.

It is terrifying though!

I have about 5 stones to lose and am so unfit. I couldn't even run for 2 minutes. Can't believe the state I have got myself into by 26. So sickening!

How much of a work out is zumba? Do you have to be fit to go?

girlsyearapart Sun 25-Nov-12 08:31:43

For anyone who fancies trying Zumba - try different classes as some I go to are very fast & high intensity.

I do another one at the school hall near my house which is more of a community class - even an 80 year old couple at the front!

It means I can do the high intensity one one night and the lower one the following night.

The classes offered are different anywhere you go.

I second the comment about spinning getting you fit & helping weight loss but I do think you need to be fairly fit to start with.

Northumberlandlass Sun 25-Nov-12 08:07:00

Asterisk The classes I go to are pay as you go or pay monthly depends which suits. They are run by two lads who originally started out in gyms running zumba classes & then set up their own company & we do classes in school/ church halls etc.

The music is dance, but it certainly isn't monotonous. Its not my type at all, but I absolutely love dancing to it. Very energising!!

Give it a go. I haven't been able to make last few classes and I feel really down about it. I really go to dance my troubles away smile

hortensemancini Sat 24-Nov-12 23:44:42

the music depends a bit on the instructor, but it's mainly bouncy Latin American/European pop music with the salsa/samba/reggaeton rhythms that form the basis of the moves. The class I go to (which is a highlight of my week!) mixes up similar chart pop with the more usual Zumba tunes, we get a bit of Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, etc.

I really like the music - you feel like you're dancing more than doing an aerobics class.

Asterisk Sat 24-Nov-12 23:30:51

I'm also thinking of joining a Zumba class but have a couple of questions for already-shimmying ladies. Can you do it on a pay-as-you-go basis or are you obliged to sign up for going every week? I would prefer a drop-in class as I need some flexibility around work/kids. Also, is the music nice? I can't be doing with that high-energy monotonous trance stuff.

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Sat 24-Nov-12 20:30:20

Never heard of it <goes away to google>

plaingirly Sat 24-Nov-12 16:50:14

grin Still some hope for me then!

Looking forward to Zumba on Monday!

There is also a Bokwa class nearby but that looks way harder and faster than Zumba.

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Thu 22-Nov-12 20:38:14

She turned out to be a beautiful swan grin

lynniep Thu 22-Nov-12 19:00:19

I have done 5 different zumba classes in the last couple of months, and whilst the basic moves are the same, the class depends entirely on the instructor. It varies from very easy to extreme high impact! You really need to just go along and try it. The instructor at my 2nd favourite class is not a slim lady and also is of a certain age, but she's got the moves!

plaingirly Thu 22-Nov-12 18:57:39

Can't say that I do!

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Wed 21-Nov-12 17:43:00

Remember what happened to plain Jane superbrain?

plaingirly Wed 21-Nov-12 17:05:59

I think I am going to go to the Monday class every week. The Tuesday class was really good too ...... Shame they are on consecutive days!

Still plain! Was plain even when I was a "reasonable" weight. Just want to feel healthy and fit now!

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Wed 21-Nov-12 10:13:25

Yy everlong

Everlong Wed 21-Nov-12 09:51:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Northumberlandlass Wed 21-Nov-12 08:19:10

Pleased you're enjoying it. You'll get the hang of the steps just in time for them to change routine.....all part of the fun! smile

plaingirly Wed 21-Nov-12 07:10:10

Went to zumba again last night - bigger class! It was fun. I still can't follow the steps though. Bit of a giggle with some of the moves!

I slept really well last night too - added benefit!

Northumberlandlass Tue 20-Nov-12 13:17:09

AH HaveAGoodDay - do you have to go with someone to class. I go to all my classes alone and bend the ear chat to everyone.

Part of zumba for me is making friendships & giggling! I wouldn't do it at home, alone as that just doesn't appeal to me.

If I don't go to zumba I feel lethargic.... then I don't want to go to class..Whereas my energy levels are hugely increased if I can shake my booty a few times a week (and giggle).

HaveAGoodDay Tue 20-Nov-12 12:49:34

I began Zumba classes about 18 months ago & I was & still am unfit! I went once a week and I really enjoyed it. I have it on the wii which is where I do it now as the people I use to to the class with font really go now & it's awful when I've gone on my own, talk about billy no mates! It's a shame as I really enjoyed the classes much better than at home on wii. You get out as much as you put in, I've been super lazy now for a while so need to get my ass in gear & get back into it. But I believe when I started doing Zumba classes & doing it at home in the first stages (coupled with side effects of new meds I was on) I lost around 20lb or so. I just haven't got any motivation at the moment or feel like i have any energy.

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Tue 20-Nov-12 09:18:18

That's true Northumberlandlass I've struggled with my weight all my life and have gone up and down. Now that I am actually happy with my body (it's all relative!) I don't think I could let myself get bigger again. I realise just how much I hated it. It's like I'm finally myself.

Northumberlandlass Tue 20-Nov-12 08:39:36

Good on you for going plaingirly - pleased you enjoyed it. We have such a giggle at ours - there is a lot of 'whooping'.

I was over 3stone over weight 2 years ago. I now have a BMI of 26 - on paper I still probably have over a stone to lose, but I have made a real effort to get fit rather than diet. Obviously I watch what i eat, but I'm not obsessive about it.

I now exercise 4 or 5 times a week and love it. Once my general fitness improved, I added other classes (toning etc) and my body shape has changed massively.

If I can do it, anyone can !!

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Tue 20-Nov-12 07:59:36

Same height as me. I was an 18 and have lost 4 stone. I wouldn't miss another if I lost one. grin

plaingirly Tue 20-Nov-12 07:04:13

I'm 5'2! So the weight really shows plus I am almost an 18 on the bottom half.

I am going to weigh myself once a week as I don't want to get obsessed!

The nurse at the Drs office said I should lose about that much - brings me to the middle of "normal" then.

It does sound like a huge amount to lose and that is what intimidates me.

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Mon 19-Nov-12 22:42:26

Love your name Uterus smile

UterusUterusGhouli Mon 19-Nov-12 22:29:52

Suppose so. I'm the same tbh. I just thought if you were, say a 14 that's a lot to lose!

JennyPiccolo Mon 19-Nov-12 21:40:45

I'm a size 16 and need to lose 4 stone. I'm not particularly tall, so I suppose it is possible.

UterusUterusGhouli Mon 19-Nov-12 21:29:19

Wait, so you're less than a size 16 but need to lose 5 stone? confused

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