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Style Advice desperately needed!

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MrawMraw Fri 16-Nov-12 17:32:35

OK, recently I have been perusing this S&B section. I used to be very into fashion and beauty before I had children, but body image issues and also just lack of time and money to spend on myself has meant that after my second DC was born I just gave up and stopped bothering much.

So over time I have been gradually getting more and more slovenly and (a word my granny would use!) - bedraggled.

I had a moment of realisation this afternoon whilst doing the school run - what am I actually wearing?

I was/am wearing -

scrub trousers (yes those things medics in theatres wear - I work part time but not even at work today) over jeans.

Really old black platform style shoes with the strap missing with visible men's socks.

My eldest daughter's pink fleece (she is 7! but it's big made) with no bra underneath.

A jacket (only OK part)

No make up.

Hair in ponytail but not even brushed (didn't have time this morning so I thought who cares I've already been out like that this morning - stupid I know)

shock blush blush

I really REALLY need a style overhaul. I used to spend a lot of time and money on clothes and beauty and I think the problem is I don't know how to "downsize" to a more manageable amount or time so just gave up caring at all. Since I only have 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evening (I use the evening time to shower and wash hair).


Any advice / tips , or even just an outline of what you wear and your "routine" would be very helpful.


Meggles76 Sat 17-Nov-12 20:25:10

Are you starting from scratch with make up too? Head to boots who have lots of different brands. I like bourjois, rimmel and l'oreal on a budget. I also think a spritz of perfume each day helps me to feel good.
You could also try ebay for clothes and accessories. If you are dedicated, there are some bargains to be found.
Good idea to do something with little bit of freetime you have. Following a rough time myself, I took up running. It's nice to do something just for me. Even just sitting down with a cup of tea and a magazine is great.
Please come back and tell us how you get on with everything

MrawMraw Sat 17-Nov-12 21:30:15

Thanks I do have a few scarves, again hand me downs from my sister (but she is only 23!) - they are from primark I think and similar to the lovely warehouse one. I have never ever wore them though blush .

I have a feeling I suit small prints, not large prints, as I am so small in height.

Ooh that is a lovely dress to start with.

MrawMraw Sat 17-Nov-12 21:38:16

Yes re the make up. I only have the following -

Dr Hauschka Cleaning stuff in tube (aunt gave me cause I loved it so much)
Witch Hazel (found in cupboard tonight, going to use as toner)
Dr Hauschka Melissa Cream (again from aunt)
The Bare Minerals starter kit gift from sister (has primer, foundation, bronzer/blush type stuff)
Elnette Hairspray
Some Concealer which I do sometimes wear at the moment.

The only thing I've been using for ages make up wise is concealer occasionally. I look totally washed out tbh.

Just bought Vaseline tinted rose lip gloss today.

Tomorrow am going to buy mascara. Don't know if I should get black/brown or waterproof / non waterproof. Anyone? I'm going to get a cheapish one as even in my make up wearing days I did find that they are all similar, YSL etc I found back then only marginally better than the cheaper brands and expensive.

I have some eyeshadows but they are horrendously outdated - bright pink and powder blue, silver glittery, pure white hmm. I'm going to try and get a cheap palette with brown, nude, mossy green, and maybe one other colour tomorrow.

Meggles76 Sat 17-Nov-12 22:02:32

I would say if you have very fair eyelashes, go brown. If not, go black. Maybelline have one in a pink and green tube I like and is cheap.
Check out Bourjois for neutral colour palettes. I find a blush in a pinky tone stops me looking washed out.

MrawMraw Sat 17-Nov-12 22:17:26

Thanks smile

My eyelashes are pretty fair. Oh yes the pink and green tube one , my ex boyfriend from years ago used to swear by it (don't ask! grin, hence he is an ex!). Will get that one I think.

Will check out Bourjois too.

The Bare Minerals kit has a "colour" powder thing which is like blush.


BrianButterfield Sat 17-Nov-12 22:23:50

If you like a vintage-y look, an easy style is a tweedy skirt, opaque tights, fitted cardi or jumper and lace-up brogues, maybe with a little platform. Or the same tights and shoes with a tea dress. I find a heel like this easy to walk in (I walk everywhere too):

Paintyourbox Sat 17-Nov-12 22:44:40

If you do decide to go for waterproof mascara you will need a decent eye makeup remover too.

L'Oreal do an eyeshadow compact with 3 shades which you choose according to eye colour. It comes with instructions too and I find it really easy to apply and long-lasting.

How about some clear nail varnish (Rimmel do a 5 in 1 nail care which is good).

MrawMraw Sat 17-Nov-12 22:50:27

Ooh they look like a good introduction to ankle type footwear (I don't think I suit them). I have doc martens too from years ago but feel too old / frumpy / non punk (!) to wear them.

I really really need to stop all this feeling too old for everything. I am 25 !!! I think it's a mindset thing. Recently my face has been looking a bit dull and teeny tiny wrinkles starting (stress of children!) so I've just thought feck it .. no make up or I will look too try-hard. I have tiny thread veins on legs and my feet are not good, little tummy pouch sticky out bit from DC so I've thought feck it going to hide in baggy old stuff. But in reality it's not like that - I do want to make an effort to look better.

It's got to the stage where every time I am wearing anything other than a dressing gown or some dowdy jeans with an oversized hand me down jumper (even shock horror - a sweater which actually FITS , I have a couple), DP comments "Oh you look nice" grin. And my grandmother says "You really do need to make some effort you look like a you've been pulled through a hedge backwards" shock.

MrawMraw Sat 17-Nov-12 23:14:20

Will also get eye make up remover. Or could I use this coconut oil everyone is talking about on here?

I used to have really brittle nails and used to get salon nails put on (before the days of gel ones I think), but now with my job and DC that is a definite no-no, and my nails are actually much better condition post children (better nutrition probably, I used to eat junk). I don't want to go for salon manicures or anything but would a soak, file, moisturiser then some neutral polish be ok? I literally haven't worn nail varnish since I was 16! DD actually has lots of Rimmel nail varnish, some in neural colours so may try it, or buy clear.

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