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So I seem to have found my perfect handbag (Peony and Moore Lucia) there is just one problem.......

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Bathlet Fri 01-Feb-13 17:32:20

BTW... I don't work for P&M but I work on the new local site for Mumsnet Bath and wanted to give P&M likers a hand as P&M are currently giving our Bath MNters a discount for the launch of our new site (as they are local to Bath):

Bathlet Fri 01-Feb-13 15:35:46

There is currently 10% off Peony & Moore Bags, for Mumsnetters

Lizzylou Sat 17-Nov-12 17:23:37

What about this Oushka one?

I am wondering if DH will be in a generous mood this Christmas.... I need a new bag. Like you Op, it'd have to be black, grey at a push.

nowrinklesonamelon Sat 17-Nov-12 13:25:24

filetheflight I saw them at Mary Howard Fair at Hullavington - it is a bit - - well - posh - - but there is a list of where they are on their web site - I think there is another one of those at Sandown Park soon - - the lady on the stand told me they are having a popup shop in Bradford on Avon, near Bath for December - so anyone wanting to see the bags and live in that area could see them then before buying -

madammecholet Fri 16-Nov-12 20:12:31

Mine doesn't look cheap shock - sorry,elizaday I disagee, I think it looks more expensive than the price I paid - I have camel tho so maybe different??

polyhymnia Fri 16-Nov-12 10:26:56

How 'shiny' is the Olivia, please, Kagriff?
As shiny as the Mariella (I know the Mariella isn't at all plasticky, btw, just prefer a more matte look).

Kagriff Fri 16-Nov-12 10:20:36

I must have been at the same Christmas fair - it was the MaryHoward one at Chippenham and finally saw all the P&M bags in the flesh so to speak. They are lovely quality. Before now I've bought their Natalia clutch and their small cross body bag but I hadn't ever spent the money on one of their big, more expensive bags.

The Lucia is lovely and more of a light colour that would go with anything. I also liked the Mariella's - they were a bit funkier than the Lucia and in such great colours - but I do work full time so think the Lucia might be a bit smarter for work. Also really liked the Olivia. What I've done is give my partner the website address and a list of the bags I like and I'm leaving it to him to 'surprise' me - he hates it when I dictate my presents but if I don't I'll probably end up with something rubbish!

The lady behind the stall was saying to another customer that they are doing quite a few other Xmas fairs and also they are having a pop up shop in Bath in December so maybe you can go along and check them out.

polyhymnia Fri 16-Nov-12 10:12:41

Yes, don't go for it if unsure.

I think the company are lovely and very helpful but regret spending the money on the Lucia when I was unsure about the colour. Also agree with Eliza that I wouldn't go for that particular design now - though wouldn't say it looks cheap.

EIizaDay Fri 16-Nov-12 02:51:00

I have the Lucia in tan and to be honest I'm not that fond of it. I think it looks a bit dated <<whispers>> and cheap. I'm overseas and didn't have enough time to send it back but I've learned my lesson in that I won't buy another handbag without seeing it 'live'.

If I were you OP, I'd go to John Lewis and browse there. They always have a good choice.

polyhymnia Thu 15-Nov-12 23:18:28

I have the Lucia in brown and must admit am not using it much this winter, though it's a lovely bag, because brown isn't one of 'my' colours either. I had bad timing: got it before I knew the tan - which would have been much more useful - was coming out, and after they'd stopped doing it in grey which would have been perfect for me.

On the Mariella I sent mine back because I want an internal divider in a bag as large as that - also a bit too shiny. But other people wouldn't care about the divider and like the shiny finish.

My current dream bag is in Russell and Bromley but it's also £250 so too much at the moment!

KristinaM Thu 15-Nov-12 21:56:16

I know what you mean about shiny leather. It scratches too easily for me, I'm afraid I don't take good care of my bags, they get thrown on the floor of the car by the kids.

I got mine earlier this year, sorry I can't remember exactly when, it was the spring I think

filetheflightoffancy Thu 15-Nov-12 21:40:24

Thank you for the replies everyone. I agree that I shouldnt go for it if I am not sure. I did quite like the purple Mariella, but I felt like the glazed look of the leather made it look a bit 'plasticky'? I am sure that is not the case as everyone says how lovely the leather is, does anyone know where I can see them in real life (nowrinkles where on earth did you go to an xmas fair with lovely bags like that? - obviously different to the xmas fairs I frequent!)

Kristina, is your Lucia old then? When did you get it?I have actually sent them an email asking them about alternative colours!

Kiwigirl thanks for those links. Both of those bags are lovely actually arent they, although I am not sure either of them are 'the one'!

KristinaM Thu 15-Nov-12 19:55:11

I have the P&M Lucia in navy and I love it

nowrinklesonamelon Thu 15-Nov-12 19:01:43

OMG!! - I saw these people today at a Christmas Fair ! - the tan Lucia was lovely and I was tempted - - so was the Aubergine Mariella Madame mentions - - lovely bags! - have given my list to DH!!smile

kiwigirl42 Thu 15-Nov-12 18:59:49

is this similarish enough?

I'm loving this one at present

madammecholet Thu 15-Nov-12 18:53:37

I've got the Lucia in camel and its not earthy - its more straw coloured tbh. Goes with everything I own... have you seen this though, mariella as its aubergine which is the purple you may prefer, i've also got this in last years pink and its a very practical bag... 2nd long strap, pockets etc..

they are lovely bags bagaddict

QueenCadbury Thu 15-Nov-12 17:33:20

If you're not sure don't do it. I wear the same colours as you and no way could ever imagine me having a brown bag.

Or maybe get it and try it out with outfits at home and you could always send it back.

Have you tried red direct or radley?

filetheflightoffancy Thu 15-Nov-12 17:03:27

They only do them in earthy colours!

I have been looking for a handbag to ask DH to get me for xmas (have a birthday and this xmas saved up so can splurge a bit more) and have been looking at Coach, Kate Spade and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I then discovered the P & M Lucia after looking on here for inspiration (naturally!) and it really is perfect - it is the perfect size, good strap length, no open top and is also the perfect price - it is expensive enough to feel more special than a topshop jobbie, but not so expensive I would feel I have wasted money iyswim.

But I have never owned a brown/tan bag before. I never wear browny colours, always blacks, grey, purples, greens, etc (although I am partial to a bit of leopard print). If it was in black or grey or even a plum colour it would just be so perfect, damn you peony and moore!

Do you think the Lucia in camel or tan (not the brown) would suit me, should I go for it? Is it very neutral? I am trying to picture me carrying it!

Or can anyone recommend any alternatives?

Thank you!

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