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All saints Amei long sleeved dress - anyone have/know it?

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OhBuggerandArse Thu 15-Nov-12 16:32:41

Here - I need to know whether it's long enough to wear with tights, rather than leggings/trousers.

Any opinions on whether it's bogging or not also gratefully received!

dexter73 Thu 15-Nov-12 16:34:58

When I click on your link it just comes up with the homepage. What is the name of the dress?

dexter73 Thu 15-Nov-12 16:36:08

Sorry just seen it in the title - doh!

dexter73 Thu 15-Nov-12 16:38:35

It looks quite a bit shorter at the front than the back. I suppose it depends how tall you are. I think it would be too short for me to wear as a dress!

OhBuggerandArse Thu 15-Nov-12 16:39:36

Oh dear, sorry, am on phone. Try this one?

If that doesn't work it is called Amei long sleeved dress.

Am a bit of a short arse all right, but not midget...

dexter73 Thu 15-Nov-12 16:40:44

Have just had a go with my tape measure as it says it is 92cm at the back so actually I think it would be long enough as a dress.

OhBuggerandArse Thu 15-Nov-12 16:51:11

That sounds hopeful!

RedwingWinter Thu 15-Nov-12 19:17:41

I haven't seen it irl but it looks lovely from the website. It sounds a bit complicated since you have to tie things "at various heights" - I have memories of that thread where the person couldn't work out how to wear their All Saints dress. I think it would be long enough though and it looks like it drapes really nicely.

OhBuggerandArse Thu 15-Nov-12 20:16:07

Hah, I went into the shop on the way home; they didn't have it, but told me all sorts of intimidating sorts of things about passing tapes under and through and tying them round your neck...

I have ordered it, so expect me back on here in a few days asking for help!

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