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Help me - I have money and don't know what to buy

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FreshWest Thu 15-Nov-12 14:45:39

Im stuck! My mum has given me some money and she said its "to spend on yourself, not for dd or DH!"
Only problem is I have no clue. I hate shopping for this very reason, I stand helplessly by the racks and then give up, lose patience and go home.
I have a good figure I suppose. Size 8, 32c boobs, 5'4", everything in proportion (yes I know I'm lucky!). I'm a SAHM, tho dd is now in school full time, so my days are spent on the school run, food shopping and cleaning.
I spend my days in jeans and tops/ jumpers/ hoodies and timberland boots.
I would love to be smarter but don't know where to start. I just ordered a pair of knee boots last night to hopefully wear with skinny jeans but just read on another thread that knee highs are sooo over.
See I'm clueless. Somebody please point me in the right direction! Thanks grin

Olivermoliver Thu 15-Nov-12 15:03:32

I would buy something(s) a bit more expensive that will feel really nice to have and hopefully last. If you like knee boots then wear them, there are no rules! Maybe a nice smarter coat or jacket or a nice casual dress and some wooly tights to go with your boots.

Olivermoliver Thu 15-Nov-12 15:05:44

Not sure how much you have to spend but I'm a simulate size you and recently got a really nice black dress in whistles with square pleather pockets on the front and live it, can be dressed up it down. Can't link as on phone but it was £95 so hopefully you can search if if interest.

Aquelven Thu 15-Nov-12 15:59:06

I'd get something you can keep for a while, seeing as your mum wants to treat you to something special.
What about a jacket or coat & a handbag you love, depending on how much you've got.

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