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home laser/ipl hair removal (sorry long)

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ouchmyfanjo Wed 14-Nov-12 22:12:14

I am so fed up with being hairy. I hate it! Especially depressing is the beard i appear to be sprouting. I spend more and more time plucking and when all else fails hiding behind my hair. I just don't feel feminine and it is getting me down.
When i was more flush i had my kegs lasered and am really pleased with the result a few years on but there is still some left to get ridof. I would also like to defuzz my face and arms.
I can't afford professional salon treatments but have decided to invest in a home system. Problemis i am baffled by choice. I remember reading somewhere that only one had sufficient strength to properly blast hair away but i can't find out which one now.
Can anyone help please?has anyone had good/bad results? I have looked at tria,philps lumia and boots own. I also saw a french one which sounds impressive but at an even more impressive price!!
Please help me make a choice to lead me to a happier fuzz free future!!

fooolofbeans Thu 15-Nov-12 09:54:36

i wax my top lip weekly, as long as i keep on top of it, it remains a low pain option

i also skim my epilator over my arms weekly, again if i do it regularly i dont find it at all painful, i try not to remove all of the hair on my forearms, more reduce it to normal levels!!!

i just started a similar thread about my beard smile will find link in a min, and the outcome was that i decided to trial a home threading tool on my cheeks before investing in anything more expensive, hope this helps

fooolofbeans Thu 15-Nov-12 09:55:31

ouchmyfanjo Thu 15-Nov-12 11:57:48

Thanks foolofbeans.i could have written your thread too.i don't wear my hair up becausr i hate my hairy cheeks and dread sunshine for making me look completely fuzzy!
Good luck with the spring thing.i have one and do use is good for removing finer paler hair but i have increasing numbers of coarsr dark ones which show as a kind of stubble. Threading, waxing, creams, springy thing all fail to deal with it. sad
Guess i am looking for a miracle and thought home ipl may be it. Am a bit alarmed from your thread that it can make it worse. I coul join the circus if mine got any worse!!

fooolofbeans Thu 15-Nov-12 23:55:32

maybe we could plait our beards together and be some siamese bearded twin hybrid creature, we'd pull in thousands and could then afford some super duper treatment grin

ouchmyfanjo Sat 17-Nov-12 08:23:41

grin you may be onto something. I have been wondering about a different career after my stint as sahm.[goes off to perfect plaiting skills on dd's rapunzel doll]

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