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Today I am wearing DH's aftershave

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lc200 Wed 14-Nov-12 14:35:07

This morning I didn't fancy putting on any of my perfumes, so decided to wear some of dh's Chanel Allure (for men obv). I really, really like it on me! I don't even think it smells particularly masculine - it seems to on dh, but doesn't now I am wearning it. I am now pondering how to get away with nicking it without him noticing.

I was a big fan of CK One back in the day, and I've worn Cool Water in the past, but didn't like that one as much; it smelt more obviously aftershave-y. Are there any other boy-scent thieves out there?

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 14-Nov-12 14:42:31

yeah I nick DH's hugo boss blush

for daytime, it seems to just turn into a really nice, fresh fragrance on my skin

frazzlerock Wed 14-Nov-12 14:45:15

I wear Comme de Garcons 2 now and again. It's heavenly!

ISingSoprano Wed 14-Nov-12 15:52:12

Yes Me! Dh has a Molton Brown aftershave which I love on me grin

DonaAna Wed 14-Nov-12 16:10:53

I often wear perfumes marketed for men.

Some good ones to steal from the boys: Eau Sauvage, Dior; Antaeus and Egoiste, Chanel; Yatagan by Caron. I also love vintage Paco Rabanne pour Homme and Azzaro pour Homme. They are very manly, but I love them.

Some of my female friends really love Fahrenheit by Dior and Dior Homme.

If you like woody, mossy or citrusy scents or anything with lavender, men's department has a much better selection than women's.

Me. I wore dp's Gucci at the weekend - and I am forever nipping into Selfridges to steal a squirt of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, which is as masculine as they get and utterly gorgeous.

kiwigirl42 Wed 14-Nov-12 17:31:53

I love Obsession for men - don't like the female version though.

jessiegeesusinamanger Wed 14-Nov-12 19:48:12

Me too. I've worn aftershave for 25 years!!!! It's one called Roma by Laura Biagiotti. I've had so many compliments over the years too and when I try something different I always end up coming back to it again. It's hard to get hold of (usually I get it in duty free on my way back from hols). I can't imagine what it would be like on a man though. It smells very feminine imo. There are very few women's perfumes I like or that suit me.

echt Thu 15-Nov-12 06:09:16

I've worn Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel for years. <the scent, not the trousers>

CarpeJugulum Thu 15-Nov-12 06:44:09

Woman's perfume seems to go "off" on my skin, so I have worn Cool Water in the past and had a lot of compliments. Use the Woman version now and get the same though.

Eying up a few scents for Christmas though! grin

pumpkinsweetie Thu 15-Nov-12 06:56:05

Davidoffs cool water for men is lushgrin, i nick it of dh blush

Eliza22 Thu 15-Nov-12 08:29:26

I too wear the Chanel Allure Sport Cologne. I bought it first (for me) and now, DH wears it and replaces it, when it runs out. It's a classic IMO.

I wear the Caron lavender one and the Miller Harris Tabac which is unisex but is very masculine on dh.

I like woody, deep scents. And if I want it a tiny bit less masculine then you can always spray a touch of a floral on top - single note ones are good like Rose.

buttercrumble Thu 15-Nov-12 13:00:12

I prefer mens aftershave, anything by Tom Ford smells devine. i love woody smelling fragrances......

auldspinster Thu 15-Nov-12 17:37:43

I have eau sauvage by dior, mouchour de monsieur (sp?)by Guerlain and man's Be Delicious by Donna Karan

RyanGoslingRocks Thu 15-Nov-12 19:00:34

Yep I wear dh's Dolce & Gabbana, it's the male version of the red woman's D&G, in a dark blue velvet box. It's light and fresh, loads of people have asked me what I'm wearing when I put it on, I love it

duvetheaven Thu 15-Nov-12 23:23:21

Another vote for Grey Flannel

ElectricMonk Fri 16-Nov-12 00:19:08

I like Ferrari Black in winter - on me it smells like warm ginger cake :D.

The rest of the time I wear Lush Karma, which is a pretty unisex scent IMO.

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