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Cream Shawl / Cape Needed

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ifancyashandy Tue 13-Nov-12 20:14:57

I'm looking for a cream / oatmeal / camel wrap. Preferably not a pashmina. Something slightly more substantial like this BUT plain. I do not want an ethnic / Mexican style print. I would love it to be cashmere. Happy to pay up to £200 but rather pay slightly less! (Appreciate £200 unlikely to get me cashmere but maybe a wool mix).

And it needs to be available to buy in London in the next couple of days - no online orders unfortunately (needed for Friday).

I've looked on the Liberty site, John Lewis, HofF, The White Company, Selfridges, Brora, M&S etc. I would like quality so no man made fabrics.

Oh, and it can't be a poncho that goes over the head - front fastening only. Cant mess up the hair grin!!

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