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Bra with modesty (!!!) patch?

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ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 13-Nov-12 08:51:34

I'm looking for a bra with a built in modesty patch (hate that phrase!) Basically so one doesn't have to wear a camisole with a low cut top or dress. Perfect for tight dresses where you don't want that additional layer.
I know someone who had bought one from M&S a couple of years ago and I've searched there ever since with no luck.
Had anybody bought something like this?
Alternatively, do you know if something like this is available in the US?

CMOTDibbler Tue 13-Nov-12 08:56:56

I've got those ones from M&S, and found more on ebay - brilliant things, and I don't know why more places don't do them

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 13-Nov-12 09:02:35

Damn doesn't look like M&S make them anymore! this one was filed under Old Campaigns.
Wary of buying on eBay as I couldn't be sure of the fit...

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 13-Nov-12 09:06:21

wow and they ship to the UK.
{rushes off to have a nosey at the rates}

ceeveebee Tue 13-Nov-12 09:07:45

M & Co?

amillionyears Tue 13-Nov-12 09:09:07

I would like them made too.
Not for that particular reason, but for another one.
Hunted and tried on stacks of bras one summer, to no avail.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 13-Nov-12 09:11:31

Thanks for the link ceevee. And at a great price!
Only it's not under wired sad ungrateful and with underwire insecurity

ceeveebee Tue 13-Nov-12 09:30:03

Ah see I'm only a b cup so don't need wires

I remember seeing a removable modesty panel on a shopping channel once, clips onto brastraps. You could try to find that (I am just about to go underground and lose signal)..

Pinot Tue 13-Nov-12 11:06:04


Loveleopardprint Tue 13-Nov-12 14:23:37

If you put modesty panel into eBay you will find the little triangles that clip to bra fronts.

bellastella Tue 13-Nov-12 14:56:32

avon has 3 modesty panels for £3.50. any good?

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 13-Nov-12 17:55:43

Thanks for the info! Reviews say clip in panels can be a bit flimsy and fiddly.
Might try them out though since cant see any domestic reasonably priced options with underwires.

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