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Anyone else had a failed Brazilian Blow dry?

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GetOutMyPub Mon 12-Nov-12 17:45:14

I have tried going back through old threads but I can only find positive comments.

I have very thick wavy hair - thick meaning thick strands of hair AND lots if it. I didn't expect a miracle cure, the hairdresser even said it wouldn't be a miracle cure but would help make my hair much more manageable and less frizzy/bushy.

It took about 3hrs to wash, cut, do treatment and blow-dry so I assume it was all done properly. I have only used the salon bought sodium sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair and no styling products. I waited about 5 days to wash my hair initially (having thick hair I can get away with going that long although I don't usually). I think they used the la brasiliana range.

My hair is a bit softer and shinier but I don't think it has made any difference to how easy it is to style. My usual routine is to wash in the evening, leave to dry naturally or blow dry, then in the morning I use the straighteners. (As my hair takes ages to dry fully) I really see very little improvement to my routine.

So should I go back to my hairdresser or just accept that my hair type is unsuitable?

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone else who has had the treatment and found it didn't work for them and what you did next.

B1ueberryMuff1n Mon 12-Nov-12 17:51:54

I've had about six over the last two years. La Brasiliana too. Same one. It always worked. That fluid is very expensive though. How much did they use? I think that my hairdresser scrimps on the product now that he thinks I'm a loyal customer, the last few he did weren't as good. BUT I'd never say that it didn't work. I wonder if they have mixed the fluid with something to make it go further, but that made it totally ineffective. I'm clutching at straws there, but just trying to make sense of it. my hair is like nicole kidmans. from dead calm. nigthmare.

B1ueberryMuff1n Mon 12-Nov-12 17:53:33

sorry that doesn't help much. i wonder if they'll offer to do it again?

lurkingfromhome Mon 12-Nov-12 17:53:45

Same here, really. I've had it twice.

My hair sounds like yours - there is an absolute ton of it and it is very frizzy (not really curly, just mad frizz that needs a lot of taming). I too wasn't expecting a miracle cure but had been led to believe that styling time would be greatly reduced (it generally takes me 40 mins to blow dry my hair and the same again to straighten it with GHDs, which is why I usually just leave it to dry naturally then straighten it).

I felt quite underwhelmed by the whole thing. It was OK, and there was a bit of an improvement (and my hair did get a little bit less frizzy in damp air) but all in all, it didn't make heaps of difference. I used groupon vouchers both times and paid £69, which was bad enough. Would have been really cross if I'd paid full price. That said, I too think the hairdressers did a fine job and I didn't bother complaining; it's just that my hair is so difficult that it really would take a miracle to sort it out. I think if you have normal-ish hair that tends to frizz a bit you'd be pleased with the outcome.

GetOutMyPub Mon 12-Nov-12 18:03:57

Thanks for the quick replies.

It was my regular salon, so the stylist "knows" my hair well.

She brushed the stuff on in sections like when you apply hair dye, then rubbed/massaged it in, small sections at a time. Then used a very hot hair dryer followed by super hot straighteners.

They had a special offer of £89 for the treatment but I paid £100 as they used extra.

My friends and family are telling me to back, I am thinking of just waiting till I get my hair done next (probably nearer Christmas) and mentioning it then.

I do really hate complaining

GetOutMyPub Mon 12-Nov-12 18:11:22

Lurkingfromhome your hair sounds very much like mine! And your routine is the exact same!

The wave/curl has only come about in the last 5 yrs or so since I had my kids and is more on one side grrr.

Just wondering what hairstyle you have ATM. I have a medium layered Bob. It is the hardest style to look after but is worth the extra effort. only had it cut like this because I was having the Brazilian, sigh. The easiest styles to manage are shoulder length layers, the "friends/ Jennifer Anniston" but long hair irritates me and I end up tying it up all the time.

lurkingfromhome Mon 12-Nov-12 18:42:56

I have long hair (it varies a bit but always shoulder length at least), mostly because I feel my hair needs the extra weight to pull it vaguely straight (and even that's only with the help of GHDs). Although it takes an age to dry & straighten, I have a fear that if I got it cut it would just go boing like a spring and be even more impossible, like a circle of frizz around my head. smile

My hair is so thick that it needs layers but that just makes the frizz problem even worse... sigh. I also have a fringe, which needs constant maintenance (but I am convinced it makes me look younger, so it's staying grin).

I too end up tying it up all the time. It is a Complete Nightmare. It's a good thing I work from home and don't have to make it presentable every day, grrr.

DerbyNottsLeicsNightNanny Mon 12-Nov-12 20:46:20

I paid £49 for one via groupon and wasn't happy so groupon refunded. My hair looked nicer (healthier, smoother & bit shinier) for few washes afterwards but not any different after 2-3 washes. My hair is thick & naturally has a bit of a wave but I always wear it straight. Personally I would definitely complain.

cocobongo Mon 12-Nov-12 23:16:36

is it maybe your routine? when i had it done, i washed, blow dried and straightened all in one session, rather than doing it in part the night before. the straigntening effectively locked it in- i don't think it took much less time than before, but my hair held the style all day, whereas normally a bit of wind would have had it going frizzy again. it also looked shinier.

GetOutMyPub Tue 13-Nov-12 18:20:18

Cocobongo in some of the reviews (by people with more "normal" hair) they just wash their hair and don't even have to dry it into a style. So don't think it can be what I am doing styling wise.

My hair is too thick for me to get dry enough to then use straighteners in one go, I always have to book extra time at the hairdressers because of how long it takes to blowdry. The one good thing about my hair is that once styled, it will hold that style till the next wash and I need very little in the way of styling products.

Lurkingfromhome, I think I will have to grow my hair again!

Derbynanny, I will be near the salon on Friday, hopefully I will master enough courage by then to call in and speak to them!


trixymalixy Tue 13-Nov-12 20:35:43

I have had several Brazilian blow drys. One of them didn't work and I wished I had complained, the rest were great like my hair had been Teflon coated.

At the time I remember thinking the girl who was doing it wasn't following the instructions the owner had given her.

I would complain especially if it is your usual salon.

LowLevelWhinging Tue 13-Nov-12 20:46:26

GetOut, I'm a BBD convert, but with the opposite hair from you - fine and messy.

The main difference I notice is in how well my hair stays put in whatever style it's dried in, rather than it being more glossy or whatever. Like someone else said up thread, less frizzy in damp weather etc.

Is there no difference that aspect?

If not, it could be that it wasn't applied properly in some way? I think I read somewhere that each bit of hair has to have the straighteners run over it at least five times. Maybe if you have a tonne of hair this was skipped a bit?

But again, I'm clutching at straws because I can't believe anyone could not like it!

SoldeInvierno Tue 13-Nov-12 22:26:17

yes, I had a failed one at Tony and Guy. I complained and they did it again. Apparently as my hair was "virgin" hair, ie, not dyed or damaged, the product didn't take so well first time.

babybarrister Wed 14-Nov-12 00:21:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mirpuppet Wed 14-Nov-12 08:14:50

Complain now -- complaining the next time you go back will be useless as they will say your hair has grown or you didn't follow he correct procedures.

I'm sure your hair stylist would like to know you are disappointed just so they don't disappoint others.

RamblingRosa Wed 14-Nov-12 09:06:50

Same here. I had it done a couple of times a few years ago and was totally underwhelmed by the result. It made it a bit tamer but it certainly didn't mean I could just wash and go. I also think it really wrecked the condition of my hair.

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