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Are Doc Martens comfy for lots and lots of walking?

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Hopefully Mon 12-Nov-12 14:09:40

I have decided that the hole in my wardrobe is actually a pair of Doc Marten boots (these ones, if you're wondering). I know DMs are meant to be hardwearing etc, but are they actually comfy? I walk for 1-3 hours most days (no car, too cheapskate to use the bus!), so my boots need to really be comfy. I normally live in Clarks slouchy biker boot things and just rotate a couple of pairs, but I would like an alternative outfit option once in a while!

Please tell me that they will be comfy. I don't mind wearing them in. Please?

ujjayi Mon 12-Nov-12 14:14:00

No idea what they are like these days but I wore a pair pretty much every day for 3 years whilst at uni and walked everywhere in them. They actually helped my feet to regain their natural shape after spending the late 80s squished in ridiculous pointed toes and high heels.

<<closes door on not dissimilar shoes languishing in shoe cupboard and clicks biker boot heels>>

seeker Mon 12-Nov-12 14:17:09

They are- but only after you've worn them in which can take quite a while. So factor that into your boot rotation programme,

Could you show men your clarkes slouches? They sound just what I'm looking for!

Lottapianos Mon 12-Nov-12 14:18:59

Ooh they are lovely! In my experience, those ones with the hard plastic soles take a lot of wearing in, but once worn in, they are the most comfy things ever and will last for donkey's years.

On the other hand, I bought these last month and they have been as comfy as slippers from the first wear. They're also DMs and I love them smile

noisytoys Mon 12-Nov-12 14:19:21

When broken in Dr Martens will be super comfy. Next time I invest in a pair I will be buying the made in England ones though the china / Thailand pairs have been far inferior in quality and don't last at all

RadioSilence Mon 12-Nov-12 15:20:44

I have the Triumphs in purple and they are very, very comfy. They don't need to be broken in to the same extent as other DM's either.

Hopefully Mon 12-Nov-12 15:28:16

Fabulous! They are ordered and winging their way to me imminently.

RunsWithScissors Mon 12-Nov-12 15:28:38

I agree, most comfy boots I've owned (spent my teens and twenties in them, and have returned to them again).

I have a similar triumph pair, except mine have the option of folding over the become ankle boots. The only thing that bothered me at first was a grommet near the heel (this won't be on your style of boot thought). It's now just fine.

The leather on these is very soft, so no working in required.

Look lovely btw, very envy as don't think I could sneak that purchase past dh just now :-)

Whitamakafullo Mon 12-Nov-12 15:33:11

I just got a pair of Dr Martins, these ones and they are super comfy.

I'm loving those triumph ones though!

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